2007 Alfa Romeo Spider 2.4 JTDm turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Stunning grand tourer



General Comments:

Truly stunning, head turning car. I have had many positive comments and thumbs up from other drivers.

Excellent cruiser, must be compared against the bigger convertibles, as this isn't really a sports car.

Does handle well for a front wheel drive car, and there is a huge amount of grip; the car turns in very quickly.

Cabin is stunning, really beautifully built, looks great, real aluminium used throughout, very durable leather, really well equipped.

Performance is good; I have had my car remapped from 200 to around 250bhp, which is necessary to achieve enjoyable performance. The standard car is very torquey, and will keep up with most things mid gear. Mine is now quicker than my previous Cooper S, and still achieves over 40 mpg. I have touched over 47mpg on a couple of 100 mile + runs!

It has been perfectly reliable, needing servicing every 18k miles or 2 years. Dealers have been excellent and accommodating. I have never had a warning light, problem starting or any parts replaced under warranty.

I am thoroughly impressed by the car. Ignore all the Alfa reliability nonsense - try one... buy one.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st December, 2010