19th Jan 2006, 10:38

My first car! Still have it 20+ years later. Really in bad shape, I have a dream to fix her up, but have not started yet. My 10 year old son says I need to get it fixed before he is old enough to drive. Yikes, I have not forgotten the power that 360 has. Anyone have any advice on how to get started? I am not looking to do a total restore, just want it to be the proud, head turning muscle car it deserves to be.


19th Jan 2006, 11:42

Advice? If you really don't know how to start, here's some: take it to a professional restoration shop and let them do it. No offense, but if you have to ask for advice on how to start, you are going to have a hard time of it. If you still want to go ahead, buy or at least check out some books on auto restoration to get some idea of what you are in for. You might want to also check out some AMC enthusiast sites for technical tips.

21st Jan 2006, 18:00

Thanks for the comments. No I have never done anything like this before and no I have no plans to show it. The car has been in a pole shed for the past 18 years. The engine does not turn over and body and interior need quite a bit of work. It may be silly, but I just can't seem to part with it. I just wanted to get a sense of what I was getting into. Thanks again for the comments they are helpful.

13th Jul 2006, 02:05

I understand! I have a 78 Jeep Cherokee Chief Sport WT 401 that has been in the family since 1980. We are the 2nd owners of the Jeep.

Unfortunately, after we had the 401 rebuilt, the wiring harness caught fire while we were on an old MT road out in the middle of nowhere.

After we got her back home, we sent her to some shop to get rewired. Well that only lasted long enough for the warranty on the work to end and KABOOM, sitting on the edge of the freeway with a broke jeep! This happened in 1999... she still won't run right... no matter what I do,

Well I WILL NEVER SELL OR SCRAP OR GIVE AWAY THIS JEEP. I know just how much a automobile can mean to a person or a family. Best of luck to you and your AMX.

Jay S.