1985 AMC Eagle DL 258 I-6 from North America


Good for driving off road with comfort


All door latches needed to be rebuilt, doors wouldn't stay closed and would fly open.

Muffler and tailpipe had to be replaced.

Seat belts don't retract.

Headlights needed alignment.

Tailgate won't stay up.

RH remote mirror doesn't work.

Headliner fell down.

Temperature gage isn't accurate, it says it's running hot when it really isn't.

General Comments:

I borrowed this car in early 2002 for three months for the winter. I'm used to driving a '70 Chevy El Camino which was my first car and I use that everyday so using this was change from the usual.

I didn't like this car, it was tan and brown two-tone with wire wheels and a tan interior and though it was well taken care of, but I couldn't get used to all the quirks it had. It got really annoying after a while.

It was very uncomfortable on long day trips, and it may be considered a mid-size, but it feels like a compact inside, the ergonomics aren't that great.

Engine noise is annoying, not very quiet inside.

Drives like a Volvo (stiff suspension) and can't take corners good.

Woodgrain on the dashboard looks real, gauges are laid out well.

Not good on wet roads even with the four wheel drive, since the suspension is stiff and it sits up high, it tends to fishtail and loose traction a lot taking turns.

Brakes could be better.

Doesn't feel very safe.

Styling isn't that great, the bumpers look out of place and the rear view with it sitting up high is ugly especially with the square bumper guards.

Acceleration is slow, don't even think about passing someone, but the motor has lots of torque which helps with four wheel drive.

I've driven it on muddy dirt roads before and it's good off road, the four wheel drive helps and the suspension does a good job smoothing things out.

Overall it's an OK car for someone looking for 4 wheel drive, but don't expect much- it looks a lot fancier than it really is.

If I was in the market for a four wheel drive I wouldn't buy one of these, I'd just buy a Jeep or an older Blazer, since they'd have more room and were easier to get parts for.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2003

21st Dec 2003, 19:18

First off, I would have to ask, 'Was the reviewer driving an Eagle or some other car?!?!' Just about everything he said was contrary to my experience driving eagles over the years.

>Engine noise is annoying, not very quiet inside.

Fix the exhaust leaks and get a new muffler. My 1984 eagle is as quite as any new 4 or 6 cylinder car at idle and still very quiet on the highway.

>Not good on wet roads even with the four wheel drive, >since the suspension is stiff and it sits up high, it >tends to fishtail and loose traction a lot taking turns.

Not good on wet roads??? What the heck are you to talking about guy?!? The Eagle is one of the best cars ever made for safety on wet roads - PERIOD. Where I live it’s winter driving conditions for 5 months of the year and I have never seen a better car for slippery roads than an Eagle. And that includes 'highly rated' POS ‘89 Honda civic I had.

>Brakes could be better.

So fix them. Brakes wear out. My eagle can stop as well as new cars with ABS if I'm in 4wd! If the brakes on yours don't work right then you should look to yourself as someone to blame - it's certainly not because of the design of the car.

Doesn't feel very safe.

Probably one of the safest cars of its size I have ever been in. It’s not a 'tin can' like a lot of the Hondas my friends have and I still get about 30mpg on the highway!

2nd Oct 2004, 11:44

My experience with the Eagle is outstanding. I Currently own 2 of them and I see the eagle as 20 years ahead of it's time. It has a strong quiet motor, stops well, and cannot be touched compared to any other in it's class on unplowed roads in the winter months. My Mother owns a Subaru Outback and driving it, to an Eagle shows me this...

1. I am more comfortable in the plush seats

2. The heat vents in the Outback aren't directed as efficient as in the Eagle

3. The Factory stereo still works fine, which is more than I can say about any other 20 year old.

4. The 4 wheel drive far outdoes that of an outback mostly because of the ground clearance.

5. Visibility is opened from any point in the car and "Blind Spots" are easily remedied as opposed to checking it in an Outback.

6. At roughly 21-30 MPG while Towing a boat, the demanded torque is always there.

The only bad things I see of the Eagle by AMC is room for common maintenance, but wouldn't be so bad is I wasn't such a big guy.

15th Dec 2007, 03:47

Iv had an Eagle for 4 years and love it. It can go though anything. Yeah it need some repairs, but it's old, but worth it. It also has lots of room and lots of space in the back. Great power from a straight 6 and 2 bll carb.

19th Nov 2009, 18:24

OK fanbois... this car seems to have generated a substantial cult following, I just don't get it.

1985 AMC Eagle Station Wagon from North America


Everything in a 4x4 play toy and more!


Rear spider gear at 126,000 @ purchase.

All four brakes at 126,000 @ purchase.

Has the stock plastic valve cover that is warped - Still leaks, trying to find good aftermarket cover that will fit this engine configuration.

Hydraulic Clutch Bleed at 132,000.

Top Radiator hose blew 132,000.

General Comments:

Acquired Wagon at a police auction for $250. No one wanted her and I thought she needed a caring home! Mine! Fixed various major components and now she's a daily driver. The availability of parts calls for long-hours on the phone, especially when price is a driving concern. Our local Jeep dealer has been a great help where junkyards are disappointing. I reside at the 3,000 foot mountain level. Wagon is very powerful for its size engine, 4x4 works well in mud and rock and the fuel mileage is better than most pickup trucks. She's very comfortable to drive as the seats are soft and wide. The rear seat folds-down and allows for frequent trips into the city for home supplies. I drive only two kinds of vehicles,... Volvos and my Eagle. I recently put truck cab lights on the roof and added large, Chevrolet truck mirrors to the doors. Other truck and 4x4 enthusiasts always comment on how the Eagle looks. I'm convinced that the Eagle was a quality product if carefully maintained and treated. As far as I'm concerned, she's a keeper! My wife says if I spend too much additional time working on that car, she's gonna' leave me. Man,... I'm really gonna' miss my wife!

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Review Date: 4th October, 2002