1987 AMC Eagle Wagon Limited 258 4.2 from North America


Love them!


The following is mainly due to previous owner care or lack there of (like most Eagles, they didn't get maintained properly over the years):

Leaky valve cover. Yes, the '87 came with an aluminum cover from the factory, but someone decided household silicone made a good gasket... what a pain to remove!

A leaky valve cover is usually a given, especially the ones with the plastic valve covers; those tend to warp and/or crack. Not a biggy to upgrade.

General Comments:

I didn't have any big issues with this car, in fact I loved it.

Though I only drove it 6k miles in the 7 years I had it, it would always start and was raring to go every time.

I was the 3rd owner. And she still had the Zeibart undercoating.

The heaters in these things are epic!

Marked comfort a little lower only due to them not having cup holders from the factory.

Luckily never had any issues with the door handles. Helps to keep them properly lubed inside. And if they do break (which is very common since they were made of pot metal) they are easily replaceable.

I had 5 Eagles until recently. Decided I had too many projects & vehicles and not enough time for them all. Still have 2 Eagles that I am keeping.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2014

2nd Apr 2014, 07:14

Really? You rated performance a 10/10?

Oh wait, look at the date of the review.

1987 AMC Eagle Wagon 4.2L 258 I6 from North America


Worth every penny and scraped knuckles


I bought this car cheap ($300) with another rebuilt engine block to go along with it.

All the vacuum and emission hoses were missing, causing a major vacuum leak. The PCV valve and systems were taken off and breather filters were installed by the previous owner. This caused oil to leak from the valve cover down the engine onto the exhaust making a smell and smoke of burning oil.

The bearings were clacking pretty badly.

The cold idle choke was inoperable and it would stall at least a half-dozen times before it would stay running with the engine cold.

The radio needed connected.

The clock was non-functioning.

The hatch has a small leak around the door moldings. When it rains, I find a small puddle of water in the back.

The tilt on the steering column is loose.

Needed a simple, cheap exhaust gasket to cure the leak and noise.

General Comments:

After I swapped out the old tired engine, the car ran like a dream. I even managed to do some upgrades (such as a different cylinder head) to boost the horsepower.

I found all the vacuum lines and hoses I needed from local auto parts stores and junk yards. This fixed the idle problem and it was relatively cheap.

A new fuse and the clock began to work.

A little sealant and new rubber moldings cured the rain leaking in the back. Found a steering column in a junkyard and it swapped out easily in under 2 hours.

The body was in fair shape. Just the normal wear and tear of a car of this age. The interior was intact and needed a good cleaning, but that was about it.

Rides good, looks ok, comfortable drive.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2004

1987 AMC Eagle from North America


This is the ultimate driving machine


The oil pan leaks onto the exhaust pipe and creates smoke.

There is rust on the rocker panels.

General Comments:

It has the comforts of a sedan, the storage space of a station wagon, and the pragmatism of a four-wheel drive.

The gas mileage is decent.

It doesn't create the imposition that monster SUV's do.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2003

21st Dec 2004, 01:49

Yeah it's about as comfortable and luxurious as something like a Ford Escort. I had an Eagle and hated it.

5th Aug 2007, 00:09

Not many cars uglier than this one existed!!!

1987 AMC Eagle Sedan 4.2L Gasoline from North America


I wish Daimler-Chrysler world make them again


The water pump was replaced shortly after purchase.

The 4W.D. switch was bad & the car was stuck in 4W.D.

The cruise needed replacement before interstate travel.

Some rust had formed under little rubber strip on both back doors.

The vinyl top has started peeling at two seams.

The rear speakers are shot.

General Comments:

The car has an excellent 4.W.D. system, that would take me anywhere.

The interior is about as comfortable as you're going to get.

The car rides very good for a 4W.D.

The engine could be stronger, but it does fine.

This is the best car of the 1980's.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2002