26th Jun 2003, 23:42

I hope I find myself feeling about Eagles as you do. Due to some trading today, I am now the proud (i hope) owner of a 1980 Eagle automatic 4wd wagon that I'll be putting on the road, and a 1981 Eagle 4wd (selectable 2wd/4wd) that I'll be using as parts.

I myself am 6'7", and have only sat in the 1980 Eagle, but with the seat all the way back I felt I would probably have enough leg room. The keys come tomorrow, and with it my first chance to actually hear it run and hopefully drive it. I was told it was running great, but the transmission 'stopped' and the vehicle was parked. From what research I've been able to do so far, it appears that problem is probably just a simple linkage problem and not a transmission problem as was thought initially. If I'm understanding the situation correctly, the car was driven somewhere, they stopped and went inside. When they came back out, they started the car, put it in reverse and it did nothing. They tried drive and still nothing. They then had it towed to where it sits at this moment. The current owner then purchased the 1981 Eagle, hoping to use the transmission, and possibly other parts as needed, but never got around to looking into it and now being forced to move, made a deal with me and my partner.

Our deal actually covered more than the eagles. In fact, they were 'thrown into the deal' since I've helped them out a bit and currently find myself without transportation. We actually traded a full size 1980 ford 4x4 pickup in pretty rough shape for a 1970 ford van that runs fair, a 1965 ford pickup, status unknown at this time, and, of course, the two Eagle wagons.

My concern, and maybe someone out there can tell me off the top of their head without my doing a lot of research... Since the 1980 is automatic 4wd and the 1981 is switchable via a dash mounted 2wd/4wd switch... would the transmissions even be interchangeable, should the 1980 be needing one??