11th May 2004, 10:47

J.B. Here, I've owned several gremlin's and they are the most enjoyable cars I've ever had. and I've have owned many cars. I am in search for a Gremlin X, Also my son wants one also. To all those who are hating on the gremlin, What's the matter? ashamed because you never owned a real car? It takes a real person to love a gremlin! Steven good luck with your car!

14th Jul 2004, 12:34

Hello, J.B., news flash, Steven doesn't own this Gremlin nor any of the other cars reviewed on this site.

Good luck finding your Gremlin, only place you are likely to find two of them is in a salvage yard...

12th Nov 2008, 20:06

The first car I ever bought was a new 1974 Gremlin with the 304 V-8 engine and a 3 speed manual transmission. I LOVED sitting at a light in our college town and having a Challenger pull up next to me. I would hit the gas a little to get their attention, nod down the road and when the light went green I would flat run away from them. Oh they'd finally catch me, but it was fun while it lasted.

Fun to drive and would pass everything on the road except a gas station. Best mileage I got was 18 mpg. Different time.

15th Nov 2008, 04:30

I had a 73 Gremlin X 5 litre purchased new. With engine mods, more rubber on the ground (a lot of room within the existing wheel wells at stock height) plus traction bars the entire rear of car would disappear with massive burnouts. Some had the 401 transplanted later as well. I also knew of a 360SC Hornet,390 AMX's and even Mark Donahue Javelins were very common in the day.

7th Feb 2009, 12:28

Hi Guys.

I have a 1974 Gremlin X, which I bought a couple of years ago.

It had a stock 304 4 bbl until all my big block friends got on my nerves, NOW she hosts a 304 with a lot of performance parts, which we can't tell you about cause I don't want the big block boys to cry.

The tranny has been reworked and a race clutch.

I take it mostly to car shows at let people make smart comments about it's a GREMLIN. But the best part is the look on their faces when I start this little beast, when she comes alive people gather around to watch it leave. But the funny thing is that all the people that made the comments all ways, turn the other way, then I do when leaving the show. She is loaded and runs with the big boys, even the police give me the thumbs up. So to all the GREMLIN lovers out there, don't let anyone laugh at you cause I may be just around the corner. Street tires and runs 12's.

Your Canadian Gremlin Lover.

21st Feb 2009, 16:18

I'd much rather have a true AMC V8 from the factory nice duals, 3.91 posi then a Civic, Corolla club with the awful single f... pipe and the spark plug decals on the side doors, torched lower springs, large windshield decal and the hideous huge raised wing on the back.

When the AMX 2 seater 390, Gremlin 304, Hornet SC360, The AMC Machine, Mark Donahue AMC Javelin were introduced you could cruise about in your new Civic Hatchbacks with the bone crushing factory 12 inch wheels.