1974 AMC Matador 304 from North America


Fond memories of a very unique car

General Comments:

I too was once a proud owner of a Matador Coupe red with a black interior, basic model, with a 304, automatic, purchased in 1974. My wife learned to drive with that car and for the several years we owned it, provided trouble free trips. We used it a lot for camping, dragging around a small travel trailer, put a roof rack on it and also hauled a small boat for fishing. That was also back in the era of CB radios, which we installed in the car and home, which kepted us in constant contact with our friends.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2006

1975 AMC Matador Sedan V8 from North America


A rare car that can be used as a good family car


In the 8 years that we had the car, the starter went 2 times. First was back in 1980, and then in 1985. In addition, other mechanical things went wrong, with the exception of back in 1987 when we got rid of it. What happened? Well, the transmission and the exhaust system all went at one shot.

General Comments:

When we got the car back in 1979, it was owned by a priest from a local church who told us that he at the time wanted a Cadillac. We paid $3000 for it. The car had only 14000 miles on it. The color? Sort of a burnt orangy color with tan vinyl seats that looked drab in texture.

The car was a beast! It had lots of room inside, and trunk was very big. We used it for flea markets, and back in 1981, we had a very close call with the car.

As we were starting the car at the flea market that we were at, we heard this loud grinding noise coming from the motor. It turned out that one of the fan blades from the motor broke off, and went right through the hood. Luckily, nobody was near the car when it happened! The problem was fixed in just a week.

There are days when we still talk about this car, and we still miss it. By now, the parts will be very hard to find for it. Back in the 1970's here in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, these cars were used as city an municipal cars.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2006

25th Dec 2006, 14:10

Just a quick comment about the author's statement about parts--I am a AMC fan and lover of 20 years and am always shocked at how easy parts are to find for these cars. AMC used many parts from other car makers--there are parts that are GM, they used a Chrysler trans--ETC. anyhow I've NEVER had trouble finding any parts for my AMCs--EXAMPLE--I have a 1977 AMC Concord (hornet) and one of the rear leaf springs rusted and broke--my mechanic said "We have looked everywhere--can't find it--called 50 places" then he said " guess we are going to have to have one hand made"--I stopped by a junkyard--the guy there pulled out a book and said"Its the same spring as the Gremlin, Hornet, Eagle, Sprint--we have 40 of them"--so again--just took asking!!

1972 AMC Matador Wagon 304 V8 from North America


Classic comfort and reliability


Exhaust heat valve cracked.

Steering idler arm wore out.

Cargo area plastic cracking.

General Comments:

The car is 32 years old. It is amazing that it has been so reliable.

The cargo area plastic should have been designed to withstand impacts better.

The parts that it has needed, have been inexpensive and readily available.

It is very easy to service.

It seats six people comfortably.

It is not a performance car. It's a 4-door wagon. When used that way, it is a pleasure to drive.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2004

1974 AMC Matador 360 from North America


The perfect American luxo-cruiser


The universal joints on the drive-shaft needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

About those universal joints -- who cares?! The car was over 20 years old.

I felt like a high roller in this 2-door coupe / chick magnet.

Very comfortable and stylish.

The AMC 360 is very powerful.

Truly a quality automobile.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2001

11th Aug 2001, 13:36

I had a 74 Matador, it was a living room on wheels. Ugly but roomy. I had no problems with it.

20th Nov 2003, 13:10

Sometimes I think the reviews for a car like this are so good because it's one of the miraculous few that survived. I remember how horrible these 70s AMCs were for my grandparents and other relatives when I was a child. You could hardly keep them running, even when they were new. By the end of the 70s you never even saw any Matadors on the road anymore. It's no coincidence that AMC disappeared soon after this. (Yes I know they were bought).