1978 AMC Pacer D/L 4.2 Liter (258 inline 6) from North America


This is the classic for those who want to get noticed!


Fan Blower Switch ($23 for the part and $65 for the repair)

Windshield wiper Motor and Sprayer Pump ($19 for parts and easy self Install)

Steering Wheel (to replace a smashed horn Assembly) ($19.00 for part and about $25 for Installation kit)

Install of AM/FM Cassette radio ($49 for AMC Radio; have not installed yet)

Driver Seat Support (have not fixed yet)

General Comments:

This car is the MOST unique vehicle you will see on the road; bar none.

The use of present-day technologies in this 1978 continues to amaze mechanics and others helping me with the restoration.

As comfortable as a car several times it size and a kick to drive.

So many modern cars have been influenced; from Porsche (911/928 rear end anyone) to the "new" Dodge Ram trucks (1978 grille design all the way).

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Review Date: 28th August, 2005

29th Aug 2005, 01:22

You've got to be kidding about Porsche and Dodge copying anything from the Pacer. The hood was like that for the V8 to fit. Dodge's Ram (mainly the earlier ones) resemble the big International trucks in my opinion. American motors always was a space shot when it came to styling, no wonder they went out of business. I had to use an Eagle once and hated it!!

1976 AMC Pacer D/L from North America


A collector's car for eccentrics


Rubber parts (for example motor mounts) needed replacing after a while.

Rack and pinion steering leaked and was replaced.

Exhaust manifold leaks are the biggest problem with a generally reliable and interesting car.

General Comments:

One of the most unique cars ever produced. Extremely roomy and comfortable to drive.

With the curved glass in back, it's great for parallel parking in crowded cities.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2004

10th Jan 2005, 17:01

I have a 1977 AMC Pacer D/L and have many of the same problems as mentioned in the past review. However, None of them out-weigh the fun I've had owning and restoring my 77 pacer. As I have picked away at the few areas that my pacer lacked in, I have found ways to use todays tech. support to improve as I go. The 258 engine has a wealth of untapped H.P. The two toughest areas to overcome have been the motor mounts and the rack and pinion problems. Both solved with time and a lot of patience. I am currently doing a frame off on the pacer as I have been in Pearl Harbor H.I. for the past four years and the salt has taken it's toll. This has been my daily driver for the past 15 years and I still turn heads every time I roll out of the driveway. It's not a belly button car that everyone has, but I take a great deal of pride in ownership and it still looks great. My son recently brought home his first car and to my great surprise, it was a bright orange 1975 AMC Pacer with a three speed and white leather interior.

1977 AMC Pacer Wagon 4.2 I-6 from North America


Wider is better


Nothing. I paid 500 bucks for this car, and changed the spark plugs. No problems at all.

General Comments:

It handles great although a bit top-heavy. The seats were very easy on the body. It started first time every time until I sold it. Made of Jeep parts, but don't take it mudding. The first wide-track car, first factory impregnated rollbar, first cab-forward design, etc. An innovator.

Very fast on the top end and not too bad out of the gate. Awesome towing and pushing power. It lays down a good sized black mark.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2004

7th Jun 2004, 10:08

Please explain what a "factory iompregnated rollbar" is?

30th Jun 2004, 20:54

Believe that should read INTEGRATED roll bar.

3rd Jul 2004, 20:15

You laid a black mark with the 258? Hmm, maybe if you cut your rear brake lines first or something, heh.

19th Oct 2004, 20:46

Where did you get the idea that the Pacer came equipped with a roll bar?

Is it because the B-pillar LOOKS like a roll bar?

Next time you see one in a junkyard, peel off the headliner (if it hasn't fallen out already) and see whether there is a roll bar in there.


19th Dec 2004, 19:15

Yeah, an AMC 258 will lay serious rubber if it's running right. At just over 100HP, it's got GOBS of torque.

27th Sep 2007, 00:30

Uhh...I don't think the info in the first comment is correct. I remember the intro of the Porsche 911T in the USA in 1971. Factory integrated roll bar standard. In 1961, the Pontiac Tempest was transform into what became the legendary GTO. It featured a big engine stuffed in a little car and wider tracking for improved performance, hence Pontiac being known for it's tradition of "wide track" performance cars. The Volkswagen Transporter (type II) debut in the early 1950s if I am not mistaken. It featured "cab forward" design. I'm not trying to put the Pacer down, but I do believe the comments regarding "first" are incorrect and should be re-written or defined in how they are "firsts". That's all.

1976 AMC Pacer X Gas from North America


Great vehicle stuck with a few faulty components


Rotors warped... Subsequently, rack and pinion had to be replaced.

Door sag.

Poor warranty.

General Comments:

I loved this "unique --fish bowl" vehicle when I first bought it...It came with a 6 month warranty...And everything worked great for the first 6 months...I'm not sure what happened, but the rotors warped, such that if you stepped on the brakes, the steering wheel violently shimmied. This very quickly wrecked the rack and pinion steering... Had to wait forever for a replacement.... And expensive!!

The drivers door is wider than a standard vehicles door, and hence sagged from the weight.

The vehicle looked absolutely ugly from the back, but from the front, it was ultra modern... Never had any problem with the transmission or engine. Very solid vehicle.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2003

18th Dec 2003, 17:33

Glad to finally see a Pacer review on this site. I never had one, but I remember what a stir they made when they first appeared. Too bad the novelty apparently wore off after the first year or so. You can still see them on the road occasionally, and now they show up on ebay as collector's items. I hope I can find one at a reasonable price someday. Despite what you may think about AMC quality, the fact remains that they made some of the most distinctive cars of the 1970's: the Matador coupe, the Pacer, even the Gremlin-still turn heads today.