1993 Asia Motors Rocsta 1.8 petrol 5 speed from Australia and New Zealand


A pleasure to own, despite compromises


Some dash electronics.

Horn deceased itself.

Fuel guage sender unit.

Interior is pretty shot.

General Comments:

It is a compromise, and you have to realise it's purpose in life was to get you in the drivers' seat as cheaply as possible, therefore some creature comforts were missing.

A very basic vehicle, simple trim, simple design. A rough, no frills machine that despite all this, has rather extraordinary appeal.

Forget the extras, these cars are simple, non pretentious fun machines. They are not serious 4wd's, but they get the job done. On the road they are surprisingly pleasant to drive and in the sun, a real joy.

The clutch is good and the steering is adequate. Brakes are better than average, and the whole driving experience feels quite modern, even though it looks like a 1950's throwback.

It always starts, and has never given me any trouble.

Parts are getting harder to source in oz.

I have had mine for four years, and despite the bumps and getting dragged off at the lights by just about everything, I can say it has been a pleasure, and quite a surprise.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 19th March, 2005