1995 Asia Motors Rocsta Soft Top 1.8 petrol from Malaysia


Fun car and definitely a head-turner


In the interior, there is no problem.

But there is a major problem in the drive-train system. The 4WD gearbox destroyed and I don't know where to find a replacement in Malaysia. There is no shop or supplier for Rocsta in Malaysia. need help!!!

General Comments:

The car is very fun to drive. I like the feeling that I'm much higher than anybody else on the road. I've done some entertainment in the Rocsta. Fitted it with Sony X-plod sound system with sub-woofers. My Rocsta wouldn't be doing much off-road due to the accessories I've fitted it with.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2004

1995 Asia Motors Rocsta DXL 1.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A no frills, but fun machine, good for the city life, but loves the weekends in the country


The clutch plate became stuck and would not release.

The nylon ball under the gear stick exploded (shattered).

Clutch slave cylinder needed replacing.

External mirrors became loose and unstable becoming useless.

Engine head cracked. Motor replaced with a FE 2ltr engine.

Struts holding exhaust system failed.

General Comments:

This little 4x4 will go nearly anywhere.

Has toured the beaches of Queensland and the heat and dust of central Australia.

Turns on a 20cent piece.

Climbed the goat track at Ararat in Victoria.

Gets a bit dusty inside.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2002

1995 Asia Motors Rocsta DX 2.2 diesel from UK and Ireland


A cheap and fun 4x4


Been very reliable, until the radiator sprung a leak.

Radiator damaged from the previous owner.

General Comments:

Don't think of luxury, just value for money, and great fun to drive.

Didn't get stuck when offroading.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2001

1995 Asia Motors Rocsta Soft Top 2.2 diesel from South Africa


The interior plastic trim is starting to show signs of wear and tear. The variable viscouse fan packed up early in its life otherwise nothing until recently, when the waterpump gave up the ghost. I got over 85,000 kms out of the first set of Hangkook tyres and over 123,000 kms out of the clutch!

General Comments:

A great little vehicle. I have really used it, with an emphasis on used! Unfortunately the agency is no longer in South Africa otherwise I would get another!

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Review Date: 18th January, 2000

9th Oct 2002, 14:30

The best 4x4.

15th Nov 2004, 05:16

This 4X4 is one of the best. I have one problem that I need to be helped with. I need spares for the Asia Rocsta and do not know of any company in South Africa that can help me. Please help!!!

5th Jul 2007, 15:28

Just posted on another chat, but here goes... anyone in South Africa have problems with their Rocsta's handbreak? Mine hasn't held for a year despite setting and resetting 15 times the drums, getting new cable inners and outers made up.

Also having problems with cold starting after the relay switch was broken by a mechanic (and replaced twice)

Have the same issue with the viscous fan, switched mine to a simple old solid ford fan.

Any help would be great!