24th Apr 2005, 19:34

I believe this review is not genuine. I have driven the DB9 and since the gearbox is based on an automatic ZF unit, as opposed to the Vanquish's hydraulic shift manual, the shift quality is butter smooth and hardly perceptible. The Vanquish's shifts are jerky as the technology is still unrefined in this arena.

I believe the writer of this review has read about the Vanquish and assumed the DB9 will share the same gearbox technology which is not the case and betrays him.

1st Jun 2005, 18:22

I concur the shift is smooth as any 6 speed auto! it was reviwed in fifth gear. there was no such comments about the gearbox, so this dude is a dreamer lying as usual!

On and on, just when will there lying scumbags stop, it's so obvious they ain't got near and aston db9, let alone own one!


4th Jun 2005, 07:58

I Love the car, It is perfect.

23rd Feb 2006, 22:26

I've test-driven the coupe (loved it) and the volante (it was CREAKY). So I ordered the coupe and it's going to be built in May and delivered to my home in LA late June. I can't wait. As for reliability, well of course I'd love it to never break down. But it's a thoroughbred, not a donkey... so I expect it to be a little skittish.

22nd May 2006, 04:19

If I was a wealthy man, this would be my car. It is comparable in performance with lower end Ferraris, but has SO much more class. It has to be one of the most beautiful machines ever built. Does anyone know why the Vanquish is almost twice the price without a lot of improved performance? I've been wondering.

27th Jul 2006, 07:33

The car is a work of art! It's as tight as a fish on steroids! The body is filled, chunky and looks heavy, but it's glorious in every way... It reminds me of a shark out of water, but 50x faster.

Some quality glitches don't matter at all, it can't be perfect can it? No car has ever been perfect EVER! Get over it.

You can never afford one, kids these days are too, "OH! LOOK AT MY CAR, ARE YOU JEALOUS!" The reason why you buy a car like that is so you can enjoy the drive... explore what's around you, but in style for your comfort...

1st Nov 2010, 20:58

I don't own a DB9, but I am looking to own in a few years. As I am now married with a child, I can no longer look at F355, F360 etc, I need a 2+2. The Fezza 599 and Cali is way too pricey, and it will be a while until the Cali comes down in price, so I think the DB9 is perfect. It is the car that rescued AM in 2004 from bankruptcy, and it is a base design platform, which also brought us the Vantage - another beautiful classic - perhaps prettier than the DB9, but not a 2+2. DB9 manages to be masculine, but classy and timeless at the same time. The back lights will never look outdated, and the front ones are not as modern as Vantage, but suit the front shape.

The interior certainly looks good, and the car is relatively light for a V12 as it is made from Al. Top Gear and other reviews point to it being a bit sloppy on the road, due to its soft suspension, but they also point out as a GT it is nice and comfy to ride in, and this is what I want for my child at the back, so that they can sleep in the car.

I would like to see 22" wheels on it (when the child no longer needs day sleep), and some suspension drop, to make it look more aggressive and sporty. Sub 5 seconds to 100km is great for a GT weighing in at 1700KG, and the juice - well who cares, going long distance? Then catch a plane! Most of our trips will be inner city or 30 min drive out of CBD once in a while - don't care about petrol for that matter.

This is my 2 cents, great achievement for AM, I only wish they get to around 30K pounds on couple of yrs so I can nab one and import to Aus..