2008 Aston Martin DBS 5.9L V12 from Australia and New Zealand


The sexiest, most comfortable car out there!


Nothing has actually gone wrong with the car.

Minor vandalism has occurred when the car has been parked in the city - eg. keying down the side. Minor work has fixed that, though.

General Comments:

This car is easily the most comfortable, fastest, sexiest looking car I've ever owned. Black on black is definitely the way to go with a DBS.

I had previously owned a TVR Tuscan S, and it leaves that for dead speed-wise. The 5.9L V12 is monstrously quick, and kicks out a sound that would rival anything. After taking this to a track day, the car was able to out pace modified GT3's and almost out corner Caterhams.

The interior is sleek and modern, and the console and dash arrangement is second to none for looks. The seats are amongst the comfiest I've sat in, second only to Bentley. The build quality is fantastic, also.

The petrol consumption is horrible; but when you have a car in the highest echelon of motoring, you really don't care.

This is my second Aston, my first being a DB7 - which was also excellent.

Easily the most gorgeous car on the road, and a must-buy for anyone who can afford one!

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Review Date: 18th May, 2009

18th May 2009, 14:39

"Minor vandalism has occurred when the car has been parked in the city - eg. keying down the side. Minor work has fixed that, though."

- If it were mine, that car would never go into a city! Cities are bad all over the world!


4th Jun 2009, 13:46

I normally hate people who leave comments accusing the reviewer of not being honest about owning their car, but I'm afraid I'll have to on this one.

Ulrich Bez, the CEO of Aston Martin, has done many interviews with many motoring magazines and I read many different motoring magazines. I distinctly remember reading in the last few months something that he said about the paint that they use on Aston Martins. The point of what he was saying is that if one gets scratched and the owner wants it fixed, It is a matter of having that particular body panel re-sprayed; and that's just minor scratches, not being keyed. In other words, the "minor work" couldn't have happened mainly because I don't think anybody would classify re-spraying a body panel as minor work and the paint would have looked tacky if it had been a simple touch up. I'm also pretty sure they wouldn't do that in Australia so it may have been a bit of an ordeal.

Also, the way the review has been written. There is no way this would come close to beating a GT3 on a track. Track cars, especially ones as impressive as the GT3, are not beaten by super cars-cum-grand tourers. It also wouldn't get anywhere near out cornering a Caterham.

It just really seems that this review was written by more of a day dreamer than a DBS owner. If they do indeed own one well I am very happy for them and we could certainly use some more beauty on our roads, but why are they writing a user review instead of driving it? I would also like to add that I have indeed driven the DBS and it is fantastic, not the every-car-in-the-world-beater that the reviewer thinks, but still really great. It's just that as I wrote, I read a lot of motoring magazines and all the comments that the reviewer has made could have come from what he's read.