2003 Aston Martin Vanquish 5.9 V12 from UK and Ireland


And why not?


The electronic windows on both sides failed. This was caused by a blown fuse.

A pleasant individual scraped a nail down the passenger side door while the car was parked outside my apartment. Unfortunately the door had to be replaced at significant cost to my insurance company!

General Comments:

I have owned several Aston Martins over the years - through the good times and the bad, and without doubt this is the best machine ever built by the company. Ian Callum's design is incredible to behold, while the performance is bettered by few car available today.

I am however unconvinced by the paddle shift gearbox - the action is occasionally jerky, though undeniabley swift.

Although the cost of the car is that of an above average house (nearly £160,000), you really are buying an incredible machine (460bhp with a top speed of nearly 200mph).

It is the small touches that make the car special - far more so than the DB7, you really do feel like James Bond should you release the massive power reserves!

I would recommend this car to anyone, jump on the waiting list - it's only 3 years!

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Review Date: 16th July, 2003

17th Dec 2004, 21:13

How long have you driven the car? There are tons of electrical problems since ford took over aston martin and I believe you're faking a review.

24th Feb 2005, 11:14

What gives you the right to say this review is bogus? The review seems very honest and solid. This site is here to share the experiences of owning cars like this. But there are a few sad people like yourself who think they have the right to slate reviews and ruin it. Maybe its just jelousy...

27th Aug 2005, 05:13

Why not? Motoring journos give a review after only a couple of hundred miles. In some cases I'm willing to bet it's after around only 200.

26th Sep 2005, 01:43

Regarding the car, (mine's a 2003 Vanquish 2+2) it's special, bought from JCI600 in Leeds and since I bought it in April I've done about 4000 miles... is that enough??

Had one problem, a warning light for engine/trans came on in the 1st week, I rang up 'JC' and they had the car checked then picked up within a few hours. I was going abroad for a week, but it was fixed the next day. When I flew back to Manchester Airport they had the car waiting for me to drive off...poser!

Very good service....(from the one in Leeds)

Performance, well now I'm working in Bavaria and so I can 'clog it' whenever I want without the plod giving me a pull.

And I do, high speed, taken it to about 180 mph so far, regularly take long sweeping bends at 150mph no problem, corners like a Ferr... err! I mean an A.M.should.

I think some of the competitors make the interior look a little basic, but no-one can match the exterior.

Say and think what you will, but from the front, any angle it's unbeatable.

On an unfortunate, but negative note the dealership south of Manchester Airport, well I had a test drive booked, was unfortunately a quarter hour late, but Hey! if you're gonna spend a fortune on a car no problem..

Dream on, I was fobbed off and felt humiliated by some pretentious, condescending individual.

Next day I went to Leeds, bought one there instead.

Some car salesmen...hough!