1994 Aston Martin Vantage V8 5.3 supercharged from UK and Ireland


Nothing so far!!! Hope it remains that way!

General Comments:

Massive running costs were shocking at first. With hard driving I'm getting about 7mpg (£85 to fill up) and paid £800 for a pair of rear tyres after a track day. Servicing costs are like a phone number too. However, when you can do 185mph (I've done 175 in Germany) and the race to 60 in 4.5 secs., you can forgive it anything, especially when it weighs over 2 tons and is the most glorious car to drive or look at. Massively comfortable on a long run but ride can get a bit harsh around town. Handling amazing for such a heavy car. What a noise, what a car!!! I will never sell it!!!

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Review Date: 25th September, 1999

5th Oct 2005, 21:38

How much did it cost?

8th Nov 2005, 20:30

I paid £115,000 for it, but this was over 4 years ago. The new Vanquish and subsequently, the accoladed DB9 has softened values, so it's only worth about £60000 today.

However, I love it and have only experienced minor difficulties with it so it's staying. The new Astons are wonderful, but nothing can beat this old Vantage, for me at least. It's like comparing Angus beef with steak tartare.

30th Dec 2005, 15:03

The V8 Vantage has always been my dream car and I am sure that that it is all it will ever be.

7th Mar 2006, 23:28

I have just bought an Aston V8 Volante 1982, this car oozes testosterone from every nut and bolt,a mans car in every sense of the word. and not to be confused with the more modern cars with there 'pollen' filters and heated head rests! and if I need to get somewhere I can read a map, I don't need a navigation system.

21st Jul 2022, 00:38

£85 UK pounds to fill up 20 odd years ago... bet it would be more than double to fill this car now, and the range won't be great at 15 mpg.