6th Aug 2001, 17:14

I love my Asuna Sunfire. I have owned my car for two years and have had very little trouble with it.

The seating is a bit uncommfortable, but it makes up for it ten fold in performance and handling capabilities. Most Hondas and Acuras don't have a prayer against my Asuna.

I love my car and it's great.

14th Sep 2001, 16:02

I have a 1993 Asuna Sunfire with 122,000 kms. It has been an excellent car for what I payed. My only problem is the price and availability of parts. I am a mechanic and therefore have good contacts, but it won't be so easy for everyone.

28th Oct 2001, 18:55

I have had my car now for 6.5 years and I love it... I have had some problems with it but just the usual maintenance.

It is very unique.

29th Oct 2001, 10:23

Hey, hey... one more to this cool list. I've got an asuna sunfire... had it for a 4 years... yes parts are somewhat expensive.. but... for all the looks I get... after I kick ass against a Honda Civic... LOL... it's all worth it... I love it!!!

28th Jan 2002, 18:00

I had a 1990 Izuzu Impulse that I picked up for a very reasonable price, and it was great on gas, cheap on insurance, and had a lot of snot for a little car. I can honestly say that the superb steering and handling of these cars as well as the braking system did save me from getting into one serious car accident last winter. I sold it to the girlfriend, and now I would like to get my hands on an all wheel drive Impulse.

11th Aug 2002, 23:26

I have a 1993 Asuna Sunfire (made for Pontiac by Izuzu) that I bought in August of 1993. Let me tell you, I loved it then and I love it now.

"Touch Wood" - It has been a wonderful little car. I have had no problems with it and to this day I do not want a different vehicle.

Although not a problem, it is has a standard transmission and I wonder if others have a similar issue as I do - I find it does not shift easily or perhaps smoothly is a better definition. Often I find that it is jerky when shifting, especially going into 5th. But, I still don't want a different car.

8th Sep 2002, 09:49

Have had my 93 Asuna Sunfire since new. Loved the style and handling. After 9 years have only 64,000 km on it and have driven it twice across Canada and have taken it to China and drove it there for 3 years. Has held its own against BMW 318i in the streets of Beijing. Only maintenance is a new fuel pump (ran over a rock from a mountain in China and knocked out fuel pump), all pipes from manifold back, 2 mufflers, battery, tires and the usual oil changes/tuneups. Find it a bit too light and too powerful in winter conditions, but was running M+S tires. Will try real snow tires this winter. With TLC expect to have it another 9 years!

18th Jun 2003, 16:44

One question, what is Asuna? How long were Asuna brand cars on the market?

24th Jun 2003, 16:23

The car was only offered for one year in Canada under the Asuna name brand. It is the same car as the Isuzu Impulse that is offered in the States.

7th Nov 2006, 22:55

I've had my Asuna Sunfire 1993 over 10 years now and I'm just in love with it. Just requires usual maintenance and I've already drove across Canada twice and across British Columbia. I might want to sell it soon, any idea how much I should ask for it? Has 180 000 km and no accidents.

26th Dec 2006, 11:08

I've owned brand new cars and old ones, however I always go back to my ASUNA!!! I owned 3 of them and still have 2. They have to be one of the most reliable cars ever! I am not kidding about that. The one I currently drive (the other one is in my driveway), I have replaced the muffler twice, the ignition module once and the tires once (expensive for the low profile). I have owned this particular car 3 years and actually saved it from a wrecker. A car with great handling and great fuel mileage I would recommend this car to anyone with a little patience to look for parts when need be.

12th Feb 2007, 21:03

Hey all I love my car although I am having some difficulty getting parts I work at a GM dealer, but do I get the parts under Asuna, Geo, or Isuzu? that is the only issue I have with it just to get it up to speed cause the last guy that owned it didn't really take much care of it. Thanks.

Love my car though.

22nd Sep 2007, 02:44

Hey fellow owners. I'm from Vancouver BC and glad to see that there's still so many faithful Asuna owners. I bought my '93 Asuna Sunfire in June 2006 with 214k kms on it and now has around 256k. This car is solid. No complaints. Starts right away. Mine's pretty much stock. The only thing I've done are CV boots, oil change, new stock air filter, and I cleaned the throttlebody (better throttle response). I usually shift below 3000rpm to save gas, but when I rev it over 6000 rpm the Sunfire really comes alive. The Lotus suspension is a BIG plus. Happy driving :)!

12th Mar 2008, 23:05

Hey, I live in Medicine Hat A.B. Have had my Asuna 1 year. It has 230000KM on it and the engine is a 1.8L DOHC.

I want to drag race it and I'm not to sure the engine that is in it will hold for very long, so I'm wanting to put a new one in. I want to keep it the same; a 1.8L, but I don't know where to look for a new one.

Any help would be sweet. My email is Blackdragon1990@msn.com

Thanks :)

25th Apr 2008, 18:44

Hi, I live in Dawson Creek BC. I bought my '93 ASUNA in 2007 with 158000km on it. It now has 195000, and it has run awesome until this week; everything seems to be crashing all at once.

Like most of you on here I am having a very hard time getting parts. I have the Lotus handling on mine and cannot find struts anywhere, they all say excluding Lotus.

Any suggestions please e-mail me @ e_sha_52@yahoo.ca

Thanks so much.

11th Sep 2008, 18:08

I have an Asuna here in Yorkton Sask. It runs very well, and problems I have are suspension wearing out. When I step into it at about 2000, it starts buzzing, but I was told that the exhaust has no leaks? Possible manifold cracked? Not sure, please email ddozorec@hotmail.com Thanks.

23rd Mar 2011, 13:53

Hey I own an Asuna Sunfire. It's a 1993. It's in rough shape.

I was wondering were I could get parts, like I need 2 struts, right fender and a speed sensor and tranny mount, but I'm having much difficulty in finding these parts.