1983 Audi 100 CD Auto 2.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


Power Steering failed (common problem), leaking a large amount of fluid into the driver's footwell.

Differential Failed (common problem).

Self leveling rear suspension failed (250ukp+vat and fitting for each shock!)

Dash wiring failed.

Central locking failed on one door.

Fuel injection pump failed.

Wheel bearing failed.

2 CV joints failed.

General Comments:

Absolutely awful car whose only saving grace was that it was built out of nice materials.

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Review Date: 11th October, 1998

17th Dec 2000, 11:53

Parts prices are exhorbitant, my dealer in Cumbria seems quite reasonable (Harper & Hebson), giving compensation for parts not delivered on time through carrier's incompetence.

Auto box in the car seems to be a liability (looks like the differential is on the way out), but thecar is nice, comfortable and meets most of my criteria for transport when not stood in my drive awaiting repair.

Auto box seems to be the biggest problem.