1989 Audi 100 E 5 cylinder 2.3L from North America


The best car I've ever had the pleasure to be in


Replaced Exhaust System: 110,000 miles.

Replaced CV Joints/Boots: 145,000 miles.

Replaced Front Wheel Bearings: 170,000 miles.

General Comments:

Astonishingly well built and reliable.

Extremely comfortable to ride in, either across town, on 6 day road trips or up to the ski resorts.

Fuel economy is as good as most modern 'fuel efficient' cars.

All problems encountered are more of a case of 'Well, it's about time that went bad, I was starting to wonder.'

Low initial acceleration, but gets to, and handles high speeds quite nicely. There IS a reason that the speedometer goes above 160mph.

Handles like a far smaller vehicle.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2008

10th Feb 2011, 07:12

Audi 100 (5000) is simply a phenomenon. I own one, and I can't believe what that adorable car is capable of. It is made to last forever and to serve you with extraordinary comfort. I'd rather say it's a GENTLEMAN, not a car. When you look at it from the outside, it looks simple and perfect, but the real magic begins when you enter and start it. I feel like a king in there. Bravo for the designers and engineers.

My A100 is manufactured in 1987, 2.0 TD version (rotational high pressure fuel pump, 5cyl). I assure you that its cruising fuel consumption goes even under 6,5 liters per 100 miles. Compression is perfect in all cylinders. A/C works perfectly. ABS works pretty well.

Weak spot is the front suspension system. It suffers great stresses and should not be driven off road or on bad roads. This car is born to be a cruiser.

1989 Audi 100 CD 2.3 5 cylinder. from Australia and New Zealand


Great long distance car


Brake booster. (bomb) failed at 200, 000 kms.

Replaced both front wheel bearings at 210,000 and both front brake discs.

General Comments:

Very comfortable car. Great hiway cruiser, will eat up the miles with ease.

Car a little too heavy for town.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2003

1989 Audi 100 Quattro 2.3 from North America


High performance that will get me up the ski hill in the worst of winter


Have had almost no problems with the car that weren't due to me mis-driving, or from road damage.

General Comments:

This car is a very great car.

Could use more power. I would suggest looking for a 200 Quattro with turbo. My friend has one and it adds a considerable amount of power.

Very hard, and expensive to fix and/or customize.

Upgraded to H4 headlights, makes a ton of difference.

Clear corner and turn signal lights make car look much better in my opinion. also added V8 tail lights for better look.

Manual transmission and Audi's GREAT Quattro system makes this car so much fun to drive.

Original retail price over 32,000.

I have actually pulled out a stuck Ford Explorer on my way up to the ski hill in the middle of a pretty bad blizzard. The Quattro AWD is almost impossible to get stuck, also has rear locking differential which I have used once, and saved me from walking 5 miles in the snow.

Only problem is the under-matched engine. Don't get me wrong, I have beat some those "pimped out" Honda Civics off the line at stop lights, and this car has no problem reaching 75 by the top of the interstate on-ramp, but I am JEALOUS of the turbo, and putting one would cost me more than the car is currently worth.

Upgraded to cross-drilled brake rotors, and upgraded suspension for much better performance.

This car has almost 108,000 miles and although I didn't own the car until it had 90,000 miles, it still seems to run like new. My family's old BMW 320i lost most of it's power once it hit 80,000 miles, and needed about $6,000 to get it running well again, including a new engine. would definatly recommend this car to anybody who enjoys comfort, safety, and performance all in one car.

It's German!!!

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Review Date: 27th April, 2003

18th Nov 2004, 13:33

The noise from the back is the fuel pump. My 100 is not very fast.

9th Jul 2005, 08:50

The fuel pump on my Audi 100 also makes a whining/humming noise, but its not loud enough to annoy. Is this a precursor to it eventually breaking though?

Ours is a 2 litre, and although slow off the mark due to its weight, once on the move it can shift quite nicely. It will happily cruise in the 80's on the motorway, with a little in reserve!

1989 Audi 100 Quattro 2.3 Liter petrol from North America


Very difficult to part with and impossible to replace


The #4 fuse blows constantly.

Rear wheel bearings need to be replaced.

The heater core is plugged.

The door locks do not work.

The temperature gage is dead.

The cruise control is dead.

General Comments:

I've taken this car from Maine to Key West, Florida several times and everywhere in between.

The engine is as strong as the day it came off the assembly line.

With the right snow tires, this car will climb a tree.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2002

30th Oct 2004, 01:31

Wow, I would love to see a 100 climb a tree!

27th Jul 2005, 07:09

Well, Audi quattros climb ski-entrenchments regularly so why not a tree...

1989 Audi 100 AVANT 2.0 5 cylinder petrol from UK and Ireland


A well built work horse


Rear wheel bearings been replaced.

Rear wheel cylinder leaking.

Still has problem cold starting.

Front crank seal failed.

Steering rack replaced.

General Comments:

The car is a great load carrier.

It pulls well in all gears.

However nobody including main agents can rectify poor hot and cold starting, engine cranks over between 15 to 20 times when cold before firing.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2002

19th Nov 2002, 11:53

Try having your fuel pump tested. That solved my warm start problem and the car fires instantly.