1990 Audi 100 Sedan 2.3 Litre 5 cylinder from North America


A great alternative to the Mercedes Benz E-class or BMW 525i


I have just purchased the Audi, and it has a few flaws.

The exterior paint has begun to ware on the driver side c-pillar. And some surface rust has developed along the rear window edge and the rear bumper edge.

The electrical system seems to have some faults. (i.e The radio and door bell stay on after the battery is connected and the key is out of the ignition slot)

The clamps that secure the exhaust pipe rusted and have cracked apart.

After a heavy rainfall I have noticed pools of water accumulated within the front foot wells, and the spare tire storage compartment.

The driver side window has fallen off its track into the door. (It seems as though the power mechanism is missing)

General Comments:

I absolutely love mine! Its extremely comfortable!

It handles well, and runs quiet, smooth, and solid at any speed.

The heated seats, power sunroof, and key light are all such wonderful bonuses that come with this car.

The engine runs smooth, at any rpm, and has a very linear acceleration style (not jerky at all, very smooth)

If anyone can help me figure out the issues with the window, water and radio/electrical problems it would be greatly appreciated.

The 1990 Audi 100 is a phenomenal car, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a solid, well built and stylish older alternative to the Mercedes-Benz E-class, or BMW 525i.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2004

11th Jan 2006, 14:41

Concerning the radio/ key beep this is normal. Audis and Volkswagens from this era would allow you to listen to the radio after the car is shut off and key is removed. Then, if you open the door while the radio is on, it will beep to remind you. Simply shut the radio off, and the beep should go away. A useful feature I think! Also, it will allow you to use the power windows and sunroof for about 10 minutes after you shut off the car. When you open the door, a relay will click that shuts those features off.

1990 Audi 100 2.3E quattro 2.3 from UK and Ireland




Gearbox mountings have failed (and apparently this is reasonably common)

Fuel pump got noisy, so was changed.

General Comments:

Fantastic "fun" car to drive, faster than others imagine off lights, handles as it were on rails.

Loads of torque, supremely smooth comfortable mile muncher, and 130mph (English miles at that!) Top speed!

Economy is reasonable considering the beast weighs in at 1900Kg dry.

Overall I am left in a quandry-What do I replace it with when the time eventually comes?

Have to say-I love mine!

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2004

1990 Audi 100 2.3L from North America


A classic and faithful old friend


The adjustment bolt on the alternator wore out causing the alternator to loosen and the belt was lost.

Luckily I knew what the problem was and drove straight to my mechanic.

The cost of repair was $68.00 CD.

I credit the car's full set of gages for early detection of problems.

The rear rotors passed inspection, but I will need to replace them for winter.

They are about $70.00 per side CD.

The right rear bearing needs to be replaced they are about $120.00 CD per side.

The catalytic converter was also changed when I bought the car so it could pass the clean air test.

I have had a little problem with the driver's side power window, but here in Toronto that's normal on older cars.

Down the road I would like to replace the front struts and bearing before they go.

General Comments:

I am the third owner of this car.

The original purchaser kept it until 2001.

My Tornado red car I call "Das Boat" had only 3 surface rust spots after 13 years of service and needed only a waxing to buff the paint back to a shine.

The upholstery is in excellent condition and everything works.

I currently get 750Km to a full 80 liter tank highway/city.

Most parts for this car are easy to find aftermarket or in the wrecking yards.

I swear we have more of these cars in Toronto than in Germany.

I can justify the added cost at purchase because they hold up well.

The car has a great engine and it is well made, and yes Virginia old Audi's do fly.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2003

1990 Audi 100 from North America


Great comfort and moderate performance are the norm for such an old car


The brakes were shot when it was purchased, but that can be probably expected of a car this age.

The wiring was terrible-- as a result the radio and headlights malfunctioned.

The transmission was starting to act up. Excessive noise plagued every start.

General Comments:

This is a fast little car, once one has had time to accelerate.

Handling is slow and sometimes lethargic due to the vehicle's weight.

The cabin is extremely comfortable and well-arranged. It's even comfortable to nap in!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2003

1990 Audi 100 Avant 2.3E from UK and Ireland


High speed cruiser


Thermostat needed replacing and the rubber seal was not replaced which subsequently had to be done (by me).

General Comments:

Lovely to drive. Quite quick but doesn't encourage you to drive fast except on the motorway.

Quite low gearing in top gear means that you can regain cruising speed quickly.

I have had 32-34mpg.

Large fuel tank means long range (500 miles) between fill ups, but it does cost a lot to fill.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2000