1993 Audi 100 E Quattro 2.3 from UK and Ireland


Stylish, individual, luxurious, and comfortable and reliable, but expensive to run


1. Air Conditioning was broken when I bought it, and I never bothered to get it fixed because in UK it isn't really necessary.

2. Fan Belt made a terrible noise for a few months. Got it replaced and it still was very noisy, but eventually it stopped!

3. Leaking coolant

4. problems with windscreen washers being temperamental/blocking

5. Water holder for washers sprung a leak

6. Rear calipers have seized and thus the handbrake does not work. Estimated costs are £400.

General Comments:

The Good:

1. Very comfortable and quiet ride. Superb for motorway cruising.

2. Stylish.

3. No rust, even though it is kept outside on the street.

4. The most reliable car I ever had. Has never broken down. Always starts first time. Last December 2004 it passed the MOT without anything needing fixing! Must add that this car has been serviced each year and generally well looked after with regular oil checks and not been thrashed. Also I only average 10-12k miles per year.

5. Fantastic handling and a pleasure to drive.

The Bad:

1. It is expensive to insure, but shouldn't be because it is actually a slow car. Very big and heavy. Slow to accelerate 0-60!

Top speed I ever had was 120mph. It cruises nicely at 80 - 90mph. Above that and the engine starts to strain slightly.

2.Expensive for petrol - it has a low mileage to gallon (sorry I am not sure what though)?

3. Audi parts are expensive and Audi dealers are three times more expensive than a normal garage.

4. Visibility for the driver when looking over shoulder for traffic on coming is poor.

5. Rear seats do not fold down! Really this car is an executive car and not designed for holding lots of luggage or transporting anything down to the dump for example! I had to buy a roof-rack for it.

I am just about to get rid of my Audi 100e and I will miss it. I will look back with very fond memories.

It is going to cost me at least £500 this MOT (2005), but in previous years it has sailed through. The calipers at the rear have seized up and the handbrake does not work. This is the first major thing to have gone wrong with this car, and although if I got this fixed I am certain the car has many more years of reliable motoring left in it, it has become surplus to my requirements now and I have opted to buy a small diesel van instead.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2005

1993 Audi 100 E quattro 2.8 from UK and Ireland


Good car, if heavy on fuel


Rear Differential worn

Drivers door lock sticking

Head Gasket leaking slightly.

General Comments:

Firstly, be under no illusion, this car really struggles to break 20mpg. It's a big heavy car with a big old engine (2.8 12v V6). Add to that a permanent 4wd system (still the best around) and I average 17mpg.

For such a large car it handles brilliantly. The steering is very vague, but the car will grip far beyond most others.

Very quiet on the motorway, only wind noise past 90mph. Will easily hit 140mph with plenty to go.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2005

1st Feb 2005, 07:13

I believe you only get 20mpg, but 140 mph easily!! Come on, how come Audi quoted 135 mph tops for your car in '93 then, have you fitted a turbocharger the size of Scotland to it? (Oh by the way car speedos get less accurate the quicker you go, in case you didn't realise).

1993 Audi 100 2.6L from North America


Good looking, good performance


I have been through it all with this car. I had the engine replaced at 96000 miles, as well as the transmission. The valley pan gasket seemed to be an issue and they told me that's why they replaced the tranny.

The water pump, water jug (cracked) have been replaced.

The fuel pump went out at just about 95000 and had that replaced.

The CV boots are not exactly that sturdy, I've had them replaced 5 times.

The tie rods are starting to go.

The shocks and struts were replaced at 150,000 as the ride was starting to be no so pleasant.

General Comments:

This car runs awesome at about 75 mph and can get almost 500 miles to the tank. I've gotten up to 29 mpg if I drive 65-70 mph steady all the way. (San Jose to Bakersfield, CA last Thanksgiving - only took 10 gallons to top off when I arrived and I had driven exactly 290 miles!) I usually average 23 mpg city and/or freeway.

The interior is cloth and is ergonomically designed for comfort. I can drive for 4 hours and not be the least be uncomfortable.

At just under 180 hp, it holds it own on the freeway, but is slow from a stop as it weighs almost a ton and a half. This year/model is all steel frame and most of the body - except the bumpers and windows :)

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Review Date: 7th June, 2004