1988 Audi 200 Quattro 2.2 i turbo petrol from France


This car was a used car with 113000 km. The dealer has changed the ECU, the front brakes (which were sticking). I've got a little problem with the multifunction temp sensor and, I think with the fuel pump (which is a common problem on these cars).

General Comments:

It's a very good and very reliable car with beautiful performance. I think my future next car will be an UR-Quattro or a 200 Quattro 20V.

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Review Date: 15th September, 1999

11th Feb 2001, 21:56

I have owned a 1990 200 2wd since June 2000, with 219k km. I'm very happy with it.

Smooth and quiet. Although recently, I had problems with the automatic transmission. In mid-November, the transmission, all of a sudden was making a metal-on-metal sound, though the gears were changing just fine. ATF was leaking quite a bit from the torque converter. Needless to say, my stomach sank.

So, 2 months and $1,100 (CND) later, a few days of searching for a replacement, I "threw" it in (with help of course). When it was drivable, I found the oil pan was leaking. Better there than the torque converter. I then changed the pan gasket (the old gasket was very brittle, probably original). By the way, don't torque the pan bolts more than 15 lbs! You'll have to add more ATF. But, it's on the road now. This is the third transmission I've replaced!

My next Audi will be a 5 speed, definitely! Here's hoping that Audi owners have their ATF changed frequently,

Peter Livingston,


27th Apr 2001, 06:24

I had a 1985 200 Quattro from 1990 to 2000. Great car. Much quicker than it looks and brilliant off the line. Bought mine at 100,000 miles and sold it on at 190,000 miles. Regularly serviced (by me) and only had to tune it the once. Contrary to popular expectations, I never had to touch the turbo or head (both original). A few incidentals died that weren't cost effective to replace, like the air-con pump, but otherwise it was just high mileage wear replacements - wheel bearings and such like. A few weird things occurred like the petrol tank leaking, the heater matrix blowing, and the stock exhaust system just refusing to die. All the electric twiddly bits and the ABS are still perfect. The new owner uses it as an airfield runabout and it will still do over 140mph.