1982 Audi 4000 S 1.6 liter diesel from North America


Love driving it, but too much to repair; are you listening Audi?


1. Two dash lights out and head light out (~30,000).

2. Rear wheel cylinder leaked (55,000 miles).

3. Glow plug fuse at 60,000 miles (easy fix, car still ran).

4. Other wheel cylinder leaked at 76,000, rear brake shoes replaced.

5. Wiper switch failed to activate windshield spray, new switch and arm (77,000), 1994.

6. Outer CV joint boot replaced, 78,000.

7. Horn replaced and return diesel engine rubber fuel hoses replaced (83,000), 1998.

8. Air conditioner compressor failed (85,000 mile), 2001, new air conditioner installed.

9. Left tie rod end replaced (96,000), 2003.

10. Water pump leaked, 97,000, 2003.

11. Throttle cable came loose from gas pedal, 98,000.

12. Clutch replaced, 99,500, 2004.

13. Horn replaced, windshield washer pump, 105,000, 2004.

14. Left CV joint replaced, 105,000, 2004.

15. Front bearings both replaced (one going bad) 108,000, 2005.

16. Wiper switch replaced (115,000), 2006.

17. Fuel rubber hoses leaking between tank and lines, 114,000, 2006.

18. Fuel injection pump leaking at manual choke shaft replaced (116,000), 2007.

19. Rear brake cylinders leaking (123,000), caught early 2008.

20 Fuel tank leaking, replaced with used tank, 2009, 132,000.

General Comments:

Car drives and handles wonderfully. It is always my first choice of car to drive. Love all the little handy things in the interior. Quiet, well controlled ride for such older technology.

I averaged 40 mpg, a real fuel saver. Got 50 mpg twice.

The car has issues with electrical components like many VWs and Audis. The horns are low to the ground so I find I must replace them periodically (4-5 years) because they corrode.

The wiper switch fails every 12 years, and some light bulbs like to burnt out (brake light, head light, dash etc).

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Review Date: 14th November, 2009

1982 Audi 4000 from North America


The expensive electrical problems outweighed the comfort

General Comments:

Most comfortable car I ever had, as if it were built for me. Perfect seat shape and location, very comfortable shifter and steering. The 4 cylinder would not get out of its own way on the highway with virtually no acceleration above 70 MPH. Excellent 34 MPG.

Engine and transmission lasted forever, even the clutch, but this car was otherwise extremely maintainance intensive.

Extremely unreliable due to its complex system of electrical relays and other parts. Very progressive cost on dealer parts and repairs.

Low quality outer door handles, broke numerous times. I finally figured out how to modify Volkswagen Rabbit handles to fit, which are made of a different material, and that solved it for a long time.

Not the worst car I ever owned, but the Acura Integra and Honda Accord are far better cars.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2006