1985 Audi 4000 S Quatrro 2.2 from North America


Fun open road car


Cracked exhaust manifold - Could not find a good replacement so had the original welded and works great... no leaks.

Lifter noise, but that is common. Change the oil and oil filter (Bosch or Mann) on a regular basis and it only last the first minute after start-up.

Other than that only the normal wear-and-tear items: brakes, tires, tune-up parts, and etc.

General Comments:

Great car for road trips up to the mountains. I live in Portland, OR and once the engine and drivetrain are warm this is a very fun 20 year old car to drive.

The Quattro systems is the greatest. When they say snow in the passes I head up to go sking and that is when the fun begins... on the drive up and back, not on the slopes.

Could be faster, but still a fun car with 172k miles on it.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2004

1985 Audi 4000 S Quattro 2.2 from North America


Old-school semi-luxury sport sedan!


I have had to replace the brakes completely. Front and rear pads. So far I have done the rear rotors and calipers and will be doing the front in the spring. Very expensive brake job for this car.

Exhaust has also been a problem with this car. I made my own exhaust system from aluminums steel and it should hopefully last longer.

Heated seat relays went bad.

Outer door handles are cheap and break easy.

Speakers and radio went bad.

Water leaks inside the trunk and car.

Power lock feature went bad.

Power window switches stick as does sunroof.

General Comments:

I paid $700 for the car.

Have maybe under $700 into it.

Runs and drives great now.

I felt like I had to much into the car, but some people have paid more for these cars and put even more work into them, so know I don't feel so bad.

Seats are very comfortable and supportive.

All wheel drive is great in the snow.

Car is not fast at all, but it is still has a nice sporty feel.

Ahead of its time with many features.

Held up well for a twenty year old car.

The car is well worth the investment.

It needed some work, but now I have a nice daily driver for under $2,000.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2004

1985 Audi 4000 Quattro from North America


It is a definite LOVE and HATE relationship car!


My car went through 4 timing belts in 2 years thanks to faulty cam gear teeth.

I had a problem with over-heating and replaced the thermostat first, then water pump, then radiator. Now all is well.

My rear calipers had frozen and needed to be replaced along with the rotors.

The valve cover gasket has always had an oil leak. Along with a tick tick tick noise that is non-stop.

Driver's seat has busted at shoulder-blade level twice and have had to replace driver's seat.

Window switches are junk, only 1 works.

Headlight switch is a big problem. I have replaced it 4 times as they keep heating up and smelling like burnt plastic.

I have replaced 2 mufflers as water gets built up in it causing rust.

My shocks are horrible.

Both rear doors hardly open, unless you crank up wards on the door while opening.

General Comments:

The "quattro" 4X4 feature is the only thing that keeps me in love with this car. It has never broken and always performs well in the Washington snow!

The car has a strong and snappy engine... gotta love the 5 cylinder!

The frame and feel is very solid.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2002

25th Sep 2002, 14:29

Your car's nearly 20 years old, so nothing surprising about the niggles, but the quattro drivetrain is definitely robust. I used to have an '85 80 GTE and a few things needed doing to it -- but only because of age, not quality, an electric window motor being one of it.

1985 Audi 4000 S Quattro 2.2 from North America


Get an Audi quattro!


The radiator leaked and had to be fixed: about $100.

Two of the power windows don't work.

Shocks have gone bad. But hey, they're 17 years old!

I had to get a new muffler: $75.

General Comments:

I have been extremely pleased with this car. I was able to purchase it for @2000, and I can't think of anything I'd like more. Audi was ahead of their time in designing this car.

It's a good 'sports sedan'. The acceleration is decent, and the handling is good. On corners, body roll is a little more than I'd like. The exterior is very stylish for its time. The interior has enough room and is comfortable enough. The seats have good support.

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Review Date: 21st May, 2002

12th May 2005, 13:29

We currently own a 1984 4000S Quattro and I understand the body roll thing, but if you put a stiffer suspension and shocks on it then it's a perfect ride that can give an S4 a run for it's money. Hey we only paid $500 for ours and it's in great shape it just needed some work here and there but hey what car doesn't?