11th Oct 2001, 15:47

If you are disheartened about the difficulty to modify the stock sound system, give Crutchfield a call. There is a wiring harness that is made for this car so you do not need to cut into the stock wiring. Then a head unit can be installed. Using the sleeve and trim collar method (supplied with all new head units), putting in a new deck isn't that hard. But speaker installs are hard. I do agree though that the cabin is a designed well for acoustics, especially with the open head rests. But having a gas tank between the cabin and the trunk does not allow for much bass to pass through.

1st Mar 2002, 21:04

I have owned my 4000 cs for 2 years and I'll say for a mid 80's car, it's gotta be the best around. I added a K&N filter to it and it made a world of difference from the line, I found a few after market parts as well that I plan on adding to it that should boost the horsepower a little more. I also think the audi 5 Cylinder engine is one of the best around, my car is pushing 200,000 and still runs like I just rolled it off the showroom floor. I hope you all enjoy your audi's as much as I do!

10th Mar 2008, 20:51

I bought one a few months ago for my first car. AWESOME!

It looks aggressive, but very slow.

I had to replace the front CV joints, the headlights; other than that it was mint.

It is a BLAST in the snow. Once I was driving in a storm with some buddies and I slid into the bank. All four wheels were buried in 1 1/2 feet in snow. My friends were already getting out of their seat belts to go push. By the time they started to open the doors I already locked the diff and rolled out first try. It's a tank ;)

It's fun drifting in snow; it's so easy to whip it around on ice, especially with snow tires or all terrain, and it's incredibly forgiving if you lose it.