1988 Audi 5000 S 2.3 from North America


The '88 5000S is solid, well thought, attractive, and durable; I'm a new Audi fan.


Dash cluster lights don't stay lit.

Driver's power window controls for rear window are inoperable.

Radio is inoperable.

Unnatural feel of gas pedal.

Odometer failed and was replaced before I purchased it, so we don't know the actual mileage (though the new one works).

General Comments:

The car sat for three years before I bought it and after checking the plugs, changing the battery, and evicting the rodents, it started up like it was a daily driver.

Solid German feel to the construction. Nothing seems overdone or under-thought. The power windows, power sunroof, and all the seals that go with them are still in great shape after 20 + years. Every fender, door, and panel lines up with precision. And I might be crazy, but I believe the exhaust and even the muffler which is stamped VW/Audi is factory original! It is my first Audi and won't be my last.

Can't beat the value, I bought the car for $275 because the owner couldn't find a mechanic who could adjust the alternator tension. Turns out the mechanic ruined the pinion that was designed to adjust it and we had to replace it.

I'm surprised by the performance, though I'm still scared to break 65 MPH in such an old car that sat for so long.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2007

1988 Audi 5000 CD 2.23 turbo from North America


Worth the time and money!


Leaking steering rack.

Leaking steering pressure line.

Clutch wore out at 270 000 KM.

Breaks (typical wear)

Motor mounts.

Tranny mounts.

Sub-frame bushings.


Wheel bearings (drivers front) Rear drivers is on its way out.

General Comments:

The above stated "Things gone wrong" are really more like things that were replaced to renew the vehicle.

It is sooo tight now that there is no slop anywhere. A real pleasure to drive.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2004

1988 Audi 5000 CS Turbo 2.2L turbo from North America


One of the best used car value


Radiator Fan stopped working.

Transmission oil cooler hose leaked.

Climate control unit quits.

Cruise control have a mind of its own, it will work only when it wants too.

General Comments:

All and all, one of the most under appreciated car and one of the best used car value.

Excellent highway cruiser, especially at 75 mph +. At its prime, it was the most aerodynamic sedan of the world, with 0.30 cd.

Lots of room, seat four in luxury and five comfortably.

For a full size car with only a three speed automatic transmission and a small turbo engine, the Audi delivers surprisingly good acceleration and economy.

Quattro (Full time 4WD) version is an even better handling car, great traction on any surfaces.

Later model Audis are almost rust proof, having 100% galvanized body panels.

If maintained properly, the car will give good services.

Frequent oil change, 3000 miles or less, is a must.

There are two oil filters, one for the engine, another for the Turbocharger. Unless you asked, most service places will replace the engine filter only.

Getting hard to find a good example now, repair cost sometime exceeds the worth of the car. So the owners just neglected them, a real shame.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2003

23rd Sep 2004, 13:45

I have a 1986 5000CS Turbo (Silver). Had it since new, and now at 164k miles! Have not yet found a new car I could like as well as this Audi!

Have replaced many parts, many on preventive maintenance - like all fluid/hydraulic hoses. On Quicken I have the entire maintenance costs of this car, including oil change and tires. I paid approx $28k in 1986, and have spent about $24k on all maintenance, including rebuild of engine head and valves after water pump failed, stripped the timing belt and caused valve warp. 3 radiators, 3 racks, 2 water pumps, exhaust, brakes, etc. But what I have is an almost new looking, gleaming (always garaged) Audi that gets 24-29 M.P.G., has great all around visibility (no slit sized rear window and puny side windows on high wasted side doors!) has a 33 foot turning radius (try finding that today) great power and stability even when fully loaded, and gets raves in the parking lots up and down the East Coast wherever I go. And, to underline a key attribute, the handling is superb, the passing in step down turbo 2nd gear is great. And the car is in a maintained excellent condition. Remember this car has a coefficient of drag of.30 - still near the best, was without peers at the time in road handling, and had a styling that was copied by just about every major car manufacturer. Its styling still looks young after 18 years!

So the value to me is considerably more than the eBay used price of $500 to $1000. By far! Plus those number reflect the usual run down car that has never seen the maintenance this one has.


15th May 2007, 14:23

Hi.I'm from Czech Republic. I have Audi 5000 CS QT. Its the great car what I have. Its wery luxury.