1989 Audi 80 S 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Well engineered, comfy and built to last


Nothing has gone wrong in the short time I have owned this car.

General Comments:

The car has only had two owners and this must say something as the car is 16 years old.

It has full VAG service history until 109000 and then every receipt for service parts etc since. (oil changed every 3000 miles etc)

Has had a gearbox rebuild around 90k.

Has had the carb rubber mounting replaced around 120k.

Has receipts for 4 downpipes (Must be the weakest part of the exhaust)

Front strut top mounts and dampers have been replaced along with the dampers around 120k.

Other than service items this car seems to have been trouble free for the previous owners.

The bodywork is in outstanding condition and the interior has no wear apart from the gear lever gaitor.

A very over engineered car!

Spec is quite good for the year, 4x elec windows, tinted glass, rev counter.

No power steering, which is only heavy at parking speeds (it is also one less thing to go wrong.)

Service items are readily available from Eurocarparts/GSF and its very simple to work on.

MPG is around 36-42, which is excellent for a heavy car.

Insurance is the only downside as it is a high group.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2005

1989 Audi 80 S 1.8 from Netherlands


Despite of the problems I had, I never regret I bought this car!


Temperature sender needed to be replaced.

Torn carburettor gasket.

I think I've had all common problems as for example: worn tappets, worn driver seat and a worn gear lever boot.

Ignition 'switch unit' replaced.

Timing belt tensioner bearing worn down.

Upper cooling hose broke from the radiator pipe.

General Comments:

I still like to believe that this car is more silent than other brands with their last year models.

I like the acceleration and the steadiness in the corners and on the roundabouts.

First had 4 Pirelli tyres now the front wheels have Michelin tyres. This is a big advantage...

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Review Date: 15th July, 2005

30th Sep 2009, 14:04

I had an 89 80 1.8 s as well, it is a very good car, really a nice bargain.

I had no power steering, no electric windows, but didn't really miss it in this one. It just feels solid.

I was not happy with the cornering, though. But those Pirelli's probably helped a lot to fix most of that. I had two situations in which I had to countersteer alternatively in both directions, really fast, whilst shifting down and pushing the gas pedal to get on track again in the wet after a long turn on the motorway. I had Uniroyal 185's mounted. Luckily everything ended up well.

This Audi is a very nice thing to have.

1989 Audi 80 S 1.8 from Norway


Brakes wear down fast.

Digital clock lives its own life.

Carburetor trouble.

Rust (actually) in left front wing, and doors. And that is not by treating it bad.

Left front seat starts to wear.

Blinkers in front falls out.

Rear seat belts fastens.

General Comments:

The car seems very solid inside, except the seat upholstery.

It's comfortable and seems very safe to drive, despite it's age. Heels over a bit in tight corners though, and feels rather under-steer.

The car runs very economic at highway driving.I've been down in 0,56L/10km.

In the city it's no so good. 1,1L/10km.

The engine runs good at high speed, but a little noisy over 3000rpm.

Not the most spacious car. Small trunk.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2005

11th Jun 2009, 16:34

Owned the same, some years ago. It went too fast at 132 000 km. Someone drove into it. Yours has a whole lot of kms. My engine was still perfectly intact. Got back from insurance and bought R 25. I liked driving this Audi.

One thing I had, the cable to the reverse lights indicator wore out by opening and closing the trunk. I can believe that not everyone has as much luck as I had with it.

The thing you wrote about brakes wearing out. I still remember thinking the same, at the time. There must have been something quite wrong with those, construction wise. I did not have to replace them, but sometimes I heard them cracking under not too much pressure.