1991 Audi 80 Quattro 5 cylinder from North America


Can't wipe the smile off my face


Nothing so far. Has been rock solid!

General Comments:

Dream machine. I have always had a thing for Audi's. "The old type" and always Quattro's. They are some of the highest quality cars on the road. I'm shocked they didn't sell all that many over here.

On the outside they tend to blend in with any other car. Way ahead of its time. They hit the show rooms in '87 I think. Still a very nice car to look at.

When you open the door and get in, you get the same feeling as the outside. Very clean looking and modern feeling. Everything feels of high quality. Controls are spot on, with knobs and buttons in reach. My only real gripe is the arm rest. Makes shifting a pain because it's in the way.

Driving one is a joy. This is not a fast car. 130 hp is not going to win you any street race. The joy comes from driving a slow AWD car fast. It could care less what speed you take a corner. I never feel out of control. The brakes work good. The ride is 100% German. Firm without being too rough. Classic German body roll. One of the best all around cars I've owned.

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Review Date: 11th October, 2011

7th May 2012, 21:28

I have to add, if you are in the US and plan to sell your Audi, or you're ready to junk it, please try to find a Audi enthusiast first. Older Audi's are rare to begin with, and now 20 years later, more so. It would be a huge help to the Audi community. Thanks so much. Jason C.

1991 Audi 80 Design Edition 1.9 TDI from Belgium


Reliability, comfort, cheap fuel expenses, Definitly a worth buy


Leaking cooling liquid.

Turbo didn't engage when it should be.

Squeaking and crackling sounds after a half year of stillness and never seeing a freeway cause it originally came from an old man who didn't used it anymore after he got retired.

General Comments:

Generally if you're living in a country on the european mainland it's a very well price/quality car.

The engine is a standard V.A.G. Volkswagen golf diesel engine, but with an attached turbo and Audi replaced Audi parts what guarantees more power, smoothness and comfortable driving.

Very reliable which can be improved when following the general maintanance card.

The design edition is originally built for business people and executives and this you can see in the interior of the car. Well comfortable front and back seats. Even the rear bench has head-supports wich purpose serves as you're a business executive with a private chauffeur and that's why this car can also be used as a limo. Comfort in the Design Edition is the main engagement that the V.A.G manufacturers saw in building the perfect business automobile.

Also the diesel tank can officially take up to 70 litres of diesel, but practice shows you can add an extra 10 litres wich brings it to 80 litres, so you can easily drive from the port of Antwerp to the Pyrenees in Spain with no stop respecting the speed limits wich brings the diesel usage to a mere 5L/100km on freeways. But the downside of this tank is that it's part built in the trunk space, so if you're a trunk stacker you'd better consider this before buying this car or if you want the same model, but in Avant (station-wagon) model which has the same tank amount.

As for performance for a diesel it can seriously pull a reasonable drag when putting the pedal to the metal. When you put it to the metal your turbo also takes almost completely over and also the sound of this turbo is awesome with it sjeezing sound which is music to your ears.

This car has some tuning posibilities and is remarkably solid compared to other cars built in that year.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2005