1994 Audi 80 2.6E V6 from Australia and New Zealand


Amazing car if you look after it well


It needed CV joints when I bought it.

The coolant tank had cracks in it and needed replacing.

Didn't come with working heaters; the person I bought it off lied to me about that...

Has a check engine light that comes on when cold; nobody can tell me what it is exactly, but it's either the temp or oxygen sensors.

Temperature sensor is being replaced soon.

Oxygen sensors are being replaced soon (P.S look up Bosch P/N 13913. It will fit if you cut the old plugs off the Audi sensor and swap it over).

Thermostat played up a bit and left the fans running when I first got it, but it fixed itself once I charged the car up again.

Sump plug is leaking oil, have to order a new one.

Coolant leak in one of the pipes, going to fix soon.

If you need anymore help with the car, have a look at 12v.org. Lots of info there.

General Comments:

My parents had a 4 cylinder 80 (a B3) and I had that for a while, but ran into expensive problems, so I ended up getting rid of that and getting this.

I fell in love with the upgraded handling and newer features like ABS and cruise control, along with the upgraded interior from the older 1992 model.

I know it has its problems, but I'm getting on top of them one by one, and it's just like an ongoing project for me. I got the car really cheap and I knew of some of the faults. I love the styling of it and the responsiveness of the steering too. It could be more powerful however.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2014

1994 Audi 80 SE TDI 1.9 turbo diesel from Singapore


It's a tank on wheels!!


Driver's door lock.

Battery - the car even drove on and started when battery was 6 volts!!!!

General Comments:

This car is a brilliant model, it is just a tank on wheels. It's very quick, while comfortable and economical. It's a joy to drive, and even though I have an A4 TDI, I reckon the Audi 80 is a better car. It will be my daily driver from December 08, it's just a one off. I bought it from an Audi mechanic and it just will not let me down. A wonderful car overall.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2008

1994 Audi 80 Avant (estate) 1.9 TDI turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Steady, reliable and sensible


Both door latches have failed for some reason. Each costing approx £100 to replace.

Brake loading valve went; £50 to replace.

Shock went.

Some brake hose.

General Comments:

Very good indeed. Don't buy this car if you want to raz it about like a F1 driver, it's not built for that. But for me it has been perfect. It's quick enough on motorways, could sit at 80mph all day. Economical to run; I manage 600+ miles on a full tank. Lovely to drive, comfortable, however sound system is totally rubbish.

If you treat it nicely, it'll last well and look after you - Same with every car!

Very pleased I got it, and I'll keep it running well into the 170k mark!

Good car.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2008

1994 Audi 80 E 2.0 from Panama


Audi 80 for 80 years of happiness


My drive axle is damaged, but it was caused by the streets in Panama. But I will repair it tomorrow.

The maintenance is good if you have a large bank account, but it values what it costs.

General Comments:

Economical: The minimum is 50Km per Gallon.

Comfortable: The car has no jumping caused by the street joints.

For me its the best Audi ever built... and today has 14 years and nothing sounds weird from my engine...

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Review Date: 9th July, 2007

1994 Audi 80 TDI avant 1.9 tdi from UK and Ireland


Well made and economical, but rubbish to drive dull and generally soul-less


The Indicator stalks have broken.

General Comments:

The Car is beautifully made and feels very safe to passengers. Exept the driver who will be left incredibly disappointed, it is by far the most boring car I've ever had the misfortune to drive. The handling is terrible, and the driver doesn't feel connected to the car in any way. Having said that it is very economical and will easily manage 600 miles to a tank, and the boot is large enough to stage the FA cup final.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2005