A3 1.8

Costly to maintain, but she is a beaut

131 words, South Africa

A3 Turbo Sport 1.8T 20v turbo

Great car, a bargain, and fairly quick

488 words, Chile, 1 comment

A3 1.8

Slight differences between an European car and a Japanese car matter incredibly to overall enjoyment

208 words, Australia and New Zealand

A3 SE 1.8 petrol

A good solid car with a poor dashboard design

139 words, UK and Ireland

A3 Sport 1.8

My silver dream racer riding the roads of reality

94 words, UK and Ireland

A3 Sport 1.6 petrol

Great if you like being in service centers

174 words, UK and Ireland

A3 T Sport 1.8 turbo

What I expected from an Audi

63 words, UK and Ireland