2014 Audi A3 2.0 turbo diesel from Belgium


All the car you need


The multimedia screen didn't pop up from the dashboard twice. Solved under warranty; the dealer did a reset.

General Comments:

This car is a magnificent all rounder. In terms of comfort, economy, performance and general usability, this car - for a 4,3m hatchback - offers the ultimate combination. Driving is truly effortless. Some cars certainly do some things better, but as a package, it is a very good proposition.

Roadholding is excellent. The steering feel is way better than my previous (2007) A4, despite the eco tyres fitted as standard. The gearbox is typically Audi, not ultra quick, a bit notchy, but fluent and easy to handle.

I had to spec the car within a budget (company car), but went for the 2.0 TDi instead of a 1.6 TDi with extra options. Didn't regret that for a second: torque is always there, and the engine pulls strong through the whole power band. Average consumption is 6,0l/100km. Less is surely an option with a well managed right foot.

The fit and finish of the interior and used materials are in another league compared to other hatchbacks, and also in comparison to the other German premium competitors. The suspension is compliant and flexible in every way: soft enough to cruise long distances, certainly more forgiving than various other C-type automobiles, but not falling into pieces when the pace gets up. It's not a sports car however, but at least it does not pretend to be either. The cabin is roomy and more than useful for 4 adults.

The appeal of this car is in the overall quality and no-nonsense approach. It's comfortable and easy to drive in any way, and goes in a decent way when pushed. If you're in the market for a hatch and willing to pay the premium over a Golf, Focus, or C4 (...): try it. Resale values are and will be strong; this is the type of car that, when well looked after, can go on for a very long time. In an age of short lasting consumer products, e.g. cars, this may count for you as well.

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Review Date: 21st October, 2014