2014 Audi A4 from North America


Not quite as fun to drive as Mercedes or BMW, but a smooth and reliable ride nonetheless


The automatic transmission is a bit jerky, especially at higher speeds.

The trunk latching mechanism needed replacement after 8 months.

The car is a bit underpowered and overweight, and feels heavy when accelerating at high speeds.

General Comments:

The interior is plush and luxurious; it is a bit softer and more luxuriant than the Mercedes C-Class I had before getting this car, but not quite as flashy and full of bells and whistles as the BMW 3 or 4 series. It drives more "Japanese" than "German", i.e. like most Japanese luxury cars, it is a heavy car that is a bit slow to accelerate and feels a bit overweight and underpowered. It handles turns and corners well, especially with the "sport" setting selected.

The interior is roomier and there is more trunk space than the C-Class or the 3/4 Series. It contains a few standard features (e.g. rear view camera, seat warmers) that are optional on the C-Class or the 3/4 Series.

Fuel economy is also slightly better than the other German cars in its class... mine gets around 20 MPG in the city and 28 MPG on the highway.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2015