27th Jan 2006, 23:10

Reading all of these comments about the Audi A4 are bringing back some real nightmares for me. I do love the way the A4 looks - it's a great looking car. Hmmm let me see - I'm having a faint recollection that looks aren't everything... Having momentarily lot my better judgement I was recently looking at an Audi A4 to buy..., But thankfully I came to my senses.

NO WAY!!! In 1975 I owned a VW Sirocco. It was my first car. I loved that car and it drove so fabulously. It cornered! It handled! IT braked! It accelerated! and it was comfortable and I really liked the looks of it. It was a young guys dream to drive. It was also in the shop CONSTANTLY. I had three motors put into that car. The ELECTRICAL was nothing short of a nightmare. Once while being serviced at a volkswagen dealership the electrical system caught fire in the shop. Like a proud father I could walk through the service dept. announcing that's my car that stunk up the shop! From reading these A4 reviews I see VW hasn't changed at all. The dealers for the most part everywhere were real jerky-turkeys as well. I read one of these comments where a fellow said that the service dept. made him feel as though the car's problems were because of something he had done. I found the service people consistently arrogant - And if you own a VW product you can bet that you will get to know a lot of dealerships right across the country!

The car left me stranded so may times that I can't remember them all. But in all this strangeness and frustration with this car I still loved to drive it.. I finally sold it to a mechanic - he was the only one who could afford to keep it.

It's all too bad that they make such horribly unreliable cars, because they really are fun to drive. I've driven Toyota's for over 15 years now. Very reliable cars. Virtually no problem. Not as much fun to drive, but at least they are always in your garage - not in the dealers service bay.

30th Jan 2008, 22:01

To the original poster-check engine light does not come on without reason!!!or you wanna say, that when somebody connected computer to your car-it was saying"no reason for check engine light":)!every car can be a lemon.BMW, Lexus, Porsche and so on.

And always you can get bad service by unprofessional mechanics!i am not saying, that you have to go only to a certified mechanic, but to trusted one! good luck with all your future cars!