5th Jun 2007, 13:38

I own an Audi A4 2007, just bought it this last January. Agree that the CVT makes this car very smooth. But I have had nothing, but troubles with this car from the beginning. At 300 miles, I had to take the car in for a badly break pad noise. They told me it was 'Road Built up' (At 300 miles...)

Then at less than 1,000 miles I had to bring the car in because the Oil light came on. They just told me it was because the car was new, sometimes they don't top off the levels properly at the manufacturing place. (Remember I had brought in the car to this dealer three weeks before and they supposedly top of the fluids, according to the service report).

A month and a half later I brought the car in because the oil light was on again. This time they had to replace the turbo charger!!! The story does not end here... My car is at the dealer again today, after I just have brought it in last week, because the car was not performing properly. They said nothing wrong with the car. Now it is in because again, the oil light is on...

19th Sep 2007, 06:45

My Audi 4, 2.8 has been with me for five months - now it is September 2007, - I have done 2000 miles now and car is nearly 5 years old, I do v. low mileage,- (car is 44k miles now) - I bought from a glamourous local dealership with full service and MOT in April 2007 - oil light came on and oil is low this weekend, the dealership said normal to use 1 litre of oil per 1000 miles - just because of the high performance - I was staggered, no one I know has come across this before - and you can only buy the oil at Audi or Halfords. All a pain!

21st Apr 2008, 17:36

I have owned a 2.0 CVT A4 since May 2003, ordered it new from the factory (I'm in Australia). It has been a great car but I agree with what others have said in this forum. In the first 1500Km it needed topping up with oil. Then no problems until 25000Km when it needed topping up with oil and has done ever since, every 7000Km or so but this has just occured again after only 4000km since the last service (70000km). The dealership cannot explain it. I am very disapointed as it spoils the brand completely.

7th Jul 2008, 18:23

Have owned an audi a4 1.8t for 15 months; great car.

Oil pressure light came on. Put in exact fully synthetic oil, and changed oil pressure sensor, no change. Solved by engine pressure check, pressure OK. Fault lay at instrument cluster; it was reset, problem solved.

Always get a pressure test first by someone who knows about Audis; can save you a lot of money.

The A4 is known sometimes to have a faulty instrument panels.