1995 Audi A6 avant 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


What a shame audi


An hour into my drive (having just bought the Audi) out of London the car began to stutter. It was behaving like a fuel starvation problem.

The problem was at first very subtle to the point that I was not overly concerned about it.

As the days passed however the stuttering became more pronounced and was noticeable after a few minutes of driving rather than an hour.

It has since been in the garage literally every week for three months. The stuttering remained intermittent, but the car literally splutters and jerks along at times. This appears worse when accelerating or decelerating.

During it`s weekly visits to the garage it has had two new Lambda sensors, various connections tightened and a new ignition coil.

The car still cannot do a journey without stuttering. This problem has got worse as it has begun to cut out especially in slower traffic.

Last week having just given the garage another £170.00 the car spluttered its way to a round about and conked out. It had no spark to start for about twenty minutes and eventually would start, but only run for about six seconds...Yippee!

Presently the car has spent the last week at another garage having been towed there.

I am absolutely at my wits end because when I enquired about my car today they began muttering things like lambda sensor...AAAH!

I feel so frustrated. I have paid out loads of cash on this car and it is at best a total displeasure to drive.

This is such a shame as when it is behaving I have fleeting glimpses of what a great car it could be.

I would be grateful for any feedback as I have no idea what to do.

General Comments:

Beautiful car, but the design is too complicated and expensive.

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Review Date: 12th December, 2005

14th Dec 2005, 05:08

Quite odd. Go find yourself another mechanic, the misdiagnosis is what is souring your experience with what is otherwise a good car. Audis can be diagnosed using a VAG-COM computer software (any European car garage should have compatible software), which will help determine the problem. On a different tangent here, try a good auto electrician. If it had no spark, then it's electrical rather than mechanical.

2nd Jul 2009, 17:12

So sorry came across your message... four years later; the comment you received before was indeed a God-send. Audi 1995 was a fab. car that needed professional, EDUCATED service, none of which you can find in UK (apologies to the few good guys out there). I bought a Quattro in 1999 (4 years old at that time) and after the first service they started tweaking with it, until finally when 'sorting out' a cooling pipe the w*****s destroyed the engine (they wanted to 'check' the head gaskets)...

I am driving (since new) a C220 CDI Merc, I drove dozens of 'great' cars, but my good old Audi A6 was 1 in a million.

In conclusion, it is not the car, but the mules that dealt with it while 'maintaining' it...

1995 Audi A6 2.6 2.6 petrol from Taiwan


Great tourer, easy to do distance in


The ECU died at around 10000km, due to high humidity and temperature in the place I live, Audi replaced it at no cost then everything has been going smoothly after-wards.

Squeaks from B-pillar popped up recently. Looking to have it fixed next service.

General Comments:

It's a car I got from my dad, spent a bit of time with it during the holidays and I am going to get it as my daily commuter soon.

Very well equipped for a mid 90s car. Got climate control, leather seats, sunroof, 2 air-bags (it was 1995...airbags wasn't all that popular). Even has a trip computer... which I find quite amazing.

The cabin is very roomy. Along with the traditional black interior, it looks as if it's got bulletproof build quality. The squeak is not very loud, but just annoying when you noticed it.

Feels sluggish off the line, although the acceleration is smooth, sometimes you can still feel the car struggles to haul its 1500kg mass up a hill.

The brakes are reasonably good despite they feel a bit spongy compared to the S40 I had. Had the brake discs replaced at 60000 service.

Handling-wise, it's like steering a floating mass on four wheels. The soft suspension set-up do soak up the road irregularity quite well and rides comfortably, but it delivers little road feel, and making a sharp turn in this car feels like you r throwing urself across the cabin. I guess it's time to change the shocks, looking for something that is stiffer, like Bilstein shocks or perhaps Koni reds.

Reliability, no questions about it. Big, solid, and reasonably easy and cheap to look after. The paint still looks all right despite the fact it wasnt garaged for 5 years and my dad wasn't really looking after the paint by going to those crappy car-wash in petrol stations.

The only thing I whine about is the headlamps. They don't really shine the road that well. and quite often I have to drive with my fog lamps on at night... even when the road is reasonably lit with road-lamps.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2005

8th Jun 2005, 08:51

I had the performance and the maintenance marks the wrong way round. The marks should be:

Performance: 5/10

Dealership : 9/10.


11th Dec 2009, 06:14

I have the same car, not many around. I have the fog lights on as well. My trip computer and odometer have gone, and don't shine red at night like the speedo and other gauges, and won't illuminate so I can see kms etc.

2nd Apr 2010, 16:45

Just bought one yesterday with 336000 ks, that's right three hundred and thirty six thousand ks, and it still drive very well, a slight oil leak from the front shaft seal, and does not blow any smoke, I am amazed. If this is the standard of life expected for Audi's, then I will be sticking with this brand in future.

4th Apr 2010, 20:42

Clean the inside of the headlamp projectors - these cars have very good headlamps, but there is something inside that outgasses and puts a white film on everything. If you do that and fresh bulbs, you will love the headlights.

19th Nov 2010, 02:00

Just brought one with 206000kms on it. The only thing that doesn't work is the sunroof; it has a mind of its own, so I unplugged it.

It's got heaps of power, still no smoke, very clean inside and out, smooth, handles the corners well, but as my first euro car, it took me half of today to find the battery LOL. It didn't come with the user manual under the back seat; well that's a first for me, but will make it easier to run my AMP.

So far, so good.