2008 Audi A6 3.2 from North America


This car was a HUGE disappointment I am happy to be rid of


Rear tail light failed, warning light on dash. Light required replacement.

Headlight failure, another warning light. Bulbs replaced. This could be chalked up to maintenance costs until the adaptive headlights failed. Another warning light. This required replacement of the entire headlamp unit.

The smart key failed. The car would sometimes not start immediately. Or unlock with the remote. Battery replaced for the 2nd time within a year (remote battery).

Unresolved groaning noise from the steering at low speeds.

Unresolved clicking noise from the right front window when lowered.

Erratic idle (possible carbon build-up). Sold prior to addressing.

Windshield cracked - replaced.

Console latch broke.

TPMS sensor & warning light would go off without reason.

Rattles, rattles, rattles.

Electrical issues including a loud feedback episode through the speakers. MMI reboot required. Radio inoperative until resolved.

Bluetooth would not always pair & the steering wheel control did not always work.

General Comments:

Beautiful to look at.

Comfortable to drive.

Top notch dealer, but very expensive to maintain and required constant care. The electrical issues and associated beeps, buzzes, blinks, and chimes drove me to the brink, and did indeed result in my turning the car in. Even when I traded it, the TPMS was acting up and the "service required" light and chime were coming on, although the car was well within its service interval.

Actually the 10K service interval is quite convenient, but this car invariably had a failure every 5K miles, so I had more frequent oil changes performed.

But oh, did I mention the squeaks, creaks, and rattles? I used to drive the car with my fingers jammed between the dash and door panel just so some of the racket would stop.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 26th January, 2016

21st Apr 2021, 16:19

You definitely got a bad one. My old Audi 100 I had in the 1980s never had any squeaks or rattles even when it got older, so no way a modern Audi A6 should be this bad.

24th Apr 2021, 10:02

Old and new models often times have strictly nothing in common. A car maker is not the same as a bread maker. Models change in quality even from year to year. It depends entirely on the company CEO and management. What is even more important to understand is that even for the same year, a brand may have well done models alongside poorly designed and problematic models. A Q5 may be more reliable than an A6. But overall, modern Audis are complex cars, have a look at the front suspension with so many arms, bushings and ball joints, it's like a spider web in there. Plus, unfortunately the European cars use many components made by global european corporations such as Sachs, Bosch, etc. These corporations have to constantly design new parts - electric, suspension, pumps, etc, so the quality is not consistent. European car part corporations are not the best in terms of quality. Even the Japanese car parts corporations are no longer as good as they were in the past.