1997 Audi A8 4.2 from UK and Ireland


Understated high performance mileage eater


The climate control failed a few months after I acquired the car. The dealer was very helpful and it now works well.

Warning light on the air bag showed. Not a real problem however just a malfunction with the electrics. Again fixed by dealer.

General Comments:

This is a car that is at home on the outside lane of the motorway.

However with petrol prices in the UK reaching 80p per liter (over $1) the thirst of the 4.2 liter is not good news at all.

The 4wd system provides great grip when it is off the motorway (not very often!)

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Review Date: 7th July, 2001

1997 Audi A8 4.2 from North America


Cheaper than a Ferrari and a lot more practical


Seat memory module malfunctioned. It took three trips to the dealer and one complaint to the V.P. to get it fixed.

Battery replaced at 46,000 miles, ($150).

At 47,000 miles an engine oil leak developed which required about $400 labor to look for (they never did find it) and a cam belt tensioner bearing had to be replaced (about $1,500).

Total maintenance cost $1,950 for 4500 miles of driving ($0.43/miles). Projected maintenance cost for next 50,000 miles = $21,666.

General Comments:

This car is aptly categorized as a high end sport sedan, not a luxury sedan. I would have bought a Porsche sedan if they made one. The A8 is the closest thing if you can afford about $1 per mile plus gas and insurance to own it.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2001

31st Mar 2003, 17:11

I own a 1997 A8 tiptronic with 130 thou on the clock, and the only faults I have had to date 2003 are the comon faulty control arms and front engine oil seal, total cost of repairs to date = £1200. very cheap motoring I think.

Audi service is second to none and I would agree that your experience should not put you off, you should just change dealers...

27th Sep 2004, 18:03

We bought an A8 with 46,000 miles on it a few years ago. It has had nothing but problems. The electric seat memory has never worked. With the memory system turned off, when you unlock the car with the remote, the driver's outside mirror tilts down. We've replaced a head gasket, had fuel leaks, coolant leaks, replaced transmission seals, tie rods, control arms, on a hot day the rear windshield cracked in two places, replaced wheel bearings, etc. The radio has never worked right. I just returned from the Audi dealer who told me that since the torque control switch or valve is defective in the transmission, the car needs a new $5800 transmission. The car now "clunks" when going over bumps in the road. What does this mean? The car now has 113K miles on it. If this was Audi's best, they have a long way to go.

29th Sep 2004, 13:48

I wrote the 9/27/04 comment. I called Audi Customer Relations who after being on hold forever, told me that there was no help they could give me. I talked to several different mechanics and car dealers who uniformly told me the 1997 A8 Quattro has a "problem" transmission. One dealer said he won't deal with 1997 A8's for that very reason. And Audi says there's nothing they can or will do to stand behind their top-of-the-line, $70+K car.

1st Dec 2005, 12:29

Happy news!

Porsche are making a 4-door coupe ready for the road in 2007. Name is Porsche Panamera. Sell the S8/A8.

1997 Audi A8 Sedan 4.2 petrol from Netherlands


The steering column damaged the inside of the dash, but it was all repaired under warranty.

General Comments:

Great car.

Nice powerful engine.

Great traction and comfort while driving fast.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2000

1997 Audi A8 Gas from North America


The sun roof motor had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Heated seats, heated steering wheel on cold days in Colorado are great. The "BEST" 4 wheel drive traction in snow that I have ever had. EVER EVER EVER.

With aluminum reinforced body, mileage is 22 mpg plus on highway.

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Review Date: 7th June, 1998