1999 Audi A8 4.2 from North America


A8's are a horrible value at any price, they depreciate so much due to unreliability and repair cost


Transmission in & out of safe mode.

Engine misfires on a random, but often basis.

ABS module went bad.

Replaced: ECU's, MAF, Oxygen sensors, plugs, coil packs.

Oil leaked from front and back of engine, just 5,000 miles after timing belt / water pump was replaced.

Horrible service and attention from local Audi dealer; examples too lengthy to explain.

Another nearby Audi dealer was no better, encouraged additional costly repairs without guarantee, just "try our best".

General Comments:

Thankfully most of the repairs were completed by the previous owner.

Car was serviceable around town, but no confidence to take it out of town or at night.

Very comfortable vehicle.

Xenon headlights worked well.

Aside transmission, engine, and ABS, all other electronics worked well.

Ownership was fun while it lasted, but will never purchase the A8 line, regardless of model year.

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Review Date: 5th January, 2011

1999 Audi A8 Quattro 4.2 from North America


The best car I've owned!


Front arm rest broken 50.000 miles (can somebody help to find a light grey replacement assembly?).

Timing belt replaced at 90.000 miles (normal).

Heat rest motor does work, but no movement, died at 90.000.

Oil pressure gage leak at 95000 miles,

Front spoiler hooked on curb two times... (and ripped apart...).

Otherwise a superb car. Won't sell, maybe replace with a newer model, maybe not, it's a really fun car, and if you drive it at speed limit (...) 24 to 26 mpg/hwy!

Runs like a Porsche, very comfortable, quiet interior, and if you got the automatic transmission re-programmed to the more sportier set up, nice and quick and fast.


General Comments:

This car is seriously the best limousine I ever owned. Have had many cars, but this one is fun, responds well and drives fun. It makes your day!

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Review Date: 6th October, 2008

1999 Audi A8 from North America


Thorny rose


OMG, I love this car!! However, I have the check engine on continuously, and I can't get the washer fluid to spray.

I had the coil on the left rear literally break in half and fall into my rim.

I now am told I will need a timing belt some time and that is approx 2500.00.

It is a bittersweet affair, I love the car, but really cannot afford the repairs.. I have no problem with the payments.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2007

1999 Audi A8 Limo 4.2 quattro from UK and Ireland


I thought Audi's were reliable.!!!


The auto gearbox is a problem.

50% of the time the gearbox is OK.

For the other 50% it goes into limp home mode (3rd gear).

I have tried changing the oil and filter twice, but no luck.

General Comments:

I would appreciate any advice on my gearbox.

Apart from this the car is wonderful. I get 29mpg which for a 4x4 V8 is outstanding.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2006

28th Nov 2006, 16:58

Perhaps may be you should look inside other reviews of this gorgeous car. The problem with the transmission was described in detail.

1999 Audi A8 Base 2.8 V6 petrol from UK and Ireland


A superb alternative to a 7 series - Recommended


Alarm repeatedly went off of its own accord. Dealer replaced a sensor under warranty.

No other problems in 126,500 miles!

General Comments:

Great car. Comfortable, lively, reliable, amazingly economical (28-35 mpg and beautifully built.

Audi's 2.8 V6 engine is beautifully smooth and torquey and gives much superior performance and economy to BMW's 2.8 litre straight six in the 728i thanks to the A8's lightweight aluminium space frame chassis. The auto gearbox was delightful, changing gear almost imperceptibly, with only with a minor slur in engine note to give the game away.

Ride was a little fidgety over poor surfaces, but it handled positively and with reasonable feel from the controls. As a motorway cruiser, the car was flawless. You can whisper to your passengers at 100 mph and they will hear every word. In fact the car was as smooth, quiet, reliable and squeak free at 126,000 miles as the day I drove it away from the dealership. The BMW was not.

Even though my A8 was the entry level model it came comprehensively specified with every piece of equipment imaginable including one of the best climate control systems I've experienced, a superb Bose hi-fi with CD autochanger, electric windows, seats, mirrors, sunroof, remote locking, ABS and build quality to rival the QE2. The only "luxury" appointment missing was leather trim which I despise anyway, so it was no great loss.

The A8 is a cruelly underrated car, and I liked mine so much, I took delivery of my second (new shape) A8 last month. Better looking, swifter and more capable than its predecessor and with none of that ridiculous I-Drive nonsense that BMW are irritating potential buyers with.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2003

25th Mar 2007, 16:12

How does the Audi A8 compare to the Lexus LS?