2016 Audi A8 L 4.0 V8 turbo from North America


The ultimate in style, engineering, performance and comfort


Just one minor problem, the heads up display has a short that causes the display not to work. I have to video, with my phone, it not working so the dealer can get Audi to pay for a replacement unit. It happens perhaps once every two or three weeks, and only until I turn off the ignition and restart the car.

General Comments:

Fantastic performance! I have had sports cars that could not hold a candle to this vehicle. Scary fast!

Interior is great design and comfortable, but not overly plush. As an engineer I think it's great as it is built for a purpose of getting the owner to the destination quickly, safely, and comfortably, but without holding a sign saying, "Hey, look at me, I'm a fancy (name of car) showing how much the owner has!" The Audi shows how much the owner knows.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2016

16th May 2016, 03:56

I also like cars to stand on their own. Anyone can make a car payment, home equity loan, live in a wreck of a home etc just for the image or flash of the pan. Others simply drive what they like without caring whatsoever what others think of them. I like performance, engineering and fun to drive factors in mine.