1998 Audi Cabriolet V6 3.0 from North America


I love my Cabriolet... will never own any other convertible


Nothing major has gone wrong with the car, other than regular maintenance.

My cell phone charger (cheap knock off) blew a fuse. Upgraded the voltage and it works great. Also upgraded the cell phone charger.

Replaced a gasket in the air conditioning system. Now it is like the North Pole... great for the summer!

General Comments:

If you could get your hands on a used well kept Cabriolet... DO IT!

This car is a dream machine to own. I get offer to buy everywhere I drive it.

Classic styling, wonderful performance, superior luxury.

Makes a trip to the dry cleaner and supermarket like a treat!

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Review Date: 4th March, 2003

1993 Audi Cabriolet E 2.3 5 cylinder from UK and Ireland


Will never sell


Subsidiary radiator and main radiator have needed replacement.

General Comments:

This is a beautiful car - strong build quality and a real classic.

As an auto it isn't the fastest out of the box, but the ride and build make up for it.

It is very comfortable to drive.

It takes a growing family in its stride.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2001

1992 Audi Cabriolet 2.3 from UK and Ireland


A torquey cruise mobile


The radiator began to leak - though this was replaced under warranty - thank god!

Electric aerial no longer works, though this is livable with.

General Comments:

Having had several dull company cars I decided to treat myself - and I must say it is lovely to finish work and cruise or blast home.

The car is far quicker than the book figures with 140 clocked on tall new tyres!

The engine - 5 cylinder 2.3 is torquey and always feels strong - I might treat myself to a performance exhaust for a bit extra oompah pah.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2001

1995 Audi Cabriolet 2.6 2.6 V6 from UK and Ireland


Beautiful tourer, more individual than a BMW 3 series


Air bag light kept staying on for longer than it should. Dealer reset the system, it's been fine since then.

Drivers door difficult to close. Dealer identified a hood alignment problem and made adjustments.

Top of rear window has started to frost a little, can't be helped, it's the way the roof sits when folded down. I can live with it as replacement is £230 plus fitting.

General Comments:

The 2.6 V6 engine is super smooth and the automatic 4 speed gear box suits it well.

There is no sports mode, but I accidentally did 100 MPH in third gear before the rev limiter came in.

Performance is good for a car of this weight. Floor the accelerator and 60 mph seems comes up a lot quicker than the 9.5 seconds official figure and it's so effortless with the auto box.

The hood is very good for it's age. No leaks at all. There is some road noise from the rear around the hood base, but not too bad even at motorway speeds.

The build of the car is excellent throughout.

The car is beautiful to look at, hood up or down.

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Review Date: 27th April, 2001

22nd May 2002, 14:37

Fair comments. Mine also has the problem with the airbag light staying on for 2 minutes. Glad to hear that this fix is simply a system reset by the dealer.

1996 Audi Cabriolet 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Understated style all the way


Nothing at all.

General Comments:

Space in the rear is a little tight, not suitable for four adults to travel in comfort.

If I bought one again it would be the 2.6 or the 2.8.

I fitted a towbar to mine and it tows very well.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2001