1984 Audi Coupe GT Custom 5 cylinder from North America


When I sell it, I want a clause to drive it once a year =)


Has gone thru 6(!) mufflers; last one (Stainless) 5 years ago. Fortunately we bought Midas' lifetime warranty (no longer available) with the 1st! The Midas tech told me SS are $1100!!

Worst ever auto-abandonment: clutch went out at PDX's 'Kamikaze Corner' (Scholls-Oleson-Beav/Hillsdale Hwy) about midnight one Christmas Eve! Plus the turkey was burning at home... but that was the one-and-only time.

Parts are expensive, so thru the years we've bought 2 totalled parts cars... $150 each. Need parts?

Door handles were notoriously easy to break into... we had them reinforced after the 3rd break-in.

Bad CV joints too.

Only mistake we made was vinyl seats.

General Comments:

This year I broke my ankle in May and didn't drive it 'til October... started right up & I 'chirped' the tires just for old time's sake. Not too bad for a near 30-year-old car.

It was seriously ahead of its time style-wise: At almost 10 years people were still admiring my 'new' car; and it's still quick, agile & a head-turner as well.

I love driving it and truly hate to sell, but cannot justify 2 cars for one driver + Grandma's knees enjoy the automatic.

Sentimental to all: drove on our honeymoon... kids learned to drive in it... went to the Prom... & took our daughter to the hospital for the birth of our 1st grandson.

Come to think of it... Maybe I shouldn't sell. JK, son!

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2013

1984 Audi Coupe 2.2L fuel injected from North America


The best car I have ever owned, and by far the most reliable


Cruise control does not work.

Passenger side window switch went out.

Tail lights faulty upon purchase.

Driver CV axle went bad.

Sunroof handle broke off and leaked.

Impossible and expensive to find parts for.

General Comments:

Very fun Car to drive.

Extremely reliable.

Head turner, don't see many.

Good sound to the exhaust.

Never leaked any fluids.

Very solid build to car.

Great gas mileage.

Car handles very well and is good for traffic or the mountains.

Just an all around good car.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2009

1984 Audi Coupe GT5E 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Clutch replaced 3 Times; heavy operation during whole time with the car. This model is cable operated, and has chewed up many clutch cables over the years. I suspect that is why the later models were hydraulic operated.

Original Suspension soft; Fitted Boge Sports replacement at around 80,000 miles. Firmer and lower than stock and handling improved.

Exhaust replaced yearly in early years, but eventually found a good Stainless steel sports item that is still on the car after about 9 years.

Passenger side Electric window failed.

Pneumatic central locking system failed.

Door locks now badly worn, despite drivers door one being replaced about 3 yrs ago, other sub mechanism is also worn and difficult to operate.

The Radiator has also been replaced twice.

Alternator replaced twice.

Clutch pedal broke, (metal fatigue) at 205,000 miles - replaced from breakers yard.

Fuel pump failed at 211,000 miles; it started to become noisy, buzzing and drawing too much power, and not supplying enough petrol to the engine in hot weather.

Power steering pump bearing noisy at times, especially in damp weather?

But, still working OK.

General Comments:

This Car has been simply fantastic to own and drive. Always a smooth drive with a great 5 cylinder sound, I still return home with a smile on my face.

After 13 years of ownership it still performs admirably. It will cruise at 95 mph all day on the motorway and indeed will still crack 130 mph if asked.

On one long trip to Scotland, it cruised for much of the way at 120 mph; It managed to get me from London to Liverpool area in two hours and fifteen minutes; not bad going at all!

Great, secure handling and fairly good petrol consumption; approx 30 MPG despite being driven hard for all these years. The Engine has been remarkable; it has not yet needed any overhaul just, regular oil/filter changes at 12,000 mile intervals; although Slick 50 PTFE engine treatment has been used twice, and appears to have helped moderate engine wear. Cam belt changed twice and occasional spark plug changes. Most recent 4 electrode Bosch plugs have been in the car for about the last five years covering about 65,000 miles. Car still starts first time, although the Cold start valve is faulty and has been left disconnected for about the last seven years. It works fine without it!

The manual gearbox is original and still works fine.

The bodywork is now a bit tatty, some rust on offside front wing and drivers door, but, chassis still OK.

In conclusion; this is a high performance bargain! Cost £3,000 in 1990 and does not owe me 1 penny.

Although I will be looking to buy another car soon, I could not possibly part with this Audi for many years to come. It is now part of me.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2003

1st Feb 2005, 07:50

I am currently a owner of a 1984 coupe. and I refuse to get rid of this car. this will be my second coupe owned. these machines are worth the upkeep! if you have any more tips or advise please post.

Thanks Andre!

14th Jul 2005, 15:04

I have a 1984 GT 5E, It was overhauled body wise in 1995. It has the full body kit on it. This is quite a car Ilove the doppler affect of the 5 cylinder motor. It handles well, pulls like a train and two weeks ago topped the 210 km mark when driving to Maastricht. I will not part with this car.

9th Dec 2005, 08:02

Quick note, my dad has a 5E that has now done over 200,000 miles, I'm sure there are still some examples worthy of challenging that around.

1984 Audi Coupe 5E 2.2 injection from Germany


A classic


Rust at doors and fenders was a major problem.

Oil gauge didn't worked properly.

Generator light flashed frequently when driving through heavy rain.

General Comments:

I have always loved the appearance of the first Coupés.

For a car of this size, it offered a lot of space inside.

Being over 15 years old, the engine was still running smooth.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2002