1992 Audi Coupe 2.6 from UK and Ireland


All round marvel


Poor running when first bought, but cured by replacement of both lambda sensors. Both catalysts later failed, attributable to earlier lambda sensor failure.

Drivers door window winder failed, £500 from Audi, used a Ford Sierra item and 3 hours to modify. Ford item cost £10 second hand, approx £70 new.

General Comments:

Lacks grip in damp or wet due to plenty of torque. Next Audi will be a quattro.

Will cruise all day at 100 mph+

Quiet (even at 130 mph), at 80mph in 5th gear acceleration is unbelievable. Not worth revving above 4500 rpm.

Legendary Audi build quality.

Practicality dictates next car will be an estate ie Audi 100 estate 2.8 Quattro.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2002

14th Aug 2005, 11:17

Hi what engine have you got?

1992 Audi Coupe 2.3 E from UK and Ireland


Amazing performance and practical


Had to have all the brake pipes changed within the first 2 months of ownership.

Very erratic tick over (still to be rectified).

Whining noise when the engine is revved in neutral gear.

Non Audi (standard) wheels fitted that seem to make the steering slightly heavy and unable to be tracked and balanced properly.

General Comments:

As my car is auto, the sport button makes the performance just like the manual model.

We have leather seats, CD player and air con fitted.

Probably the best car I have driven for the money.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2002