1978 Audi Fox 1.6 from Germany


I love this car and I hope to always own it and love it


I had to replace the struts and the CV joints and axles.

I had the wheels sandblasted and repainted.

General Comments:

This car turns on a dime.

This car has a beautiful interior and the seats are in mint condition.

This car purrs like a kitten.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2002

1st Sep 2003, 20:49

I Thought the Audi Fox, was known as Audi 80 in Germany.

2nd Jan 2007, 00:19

You sure don't see many VW Fox's on the road anymore, I've only seen a couple during the past 10 years or so.

2nd Apr 2007, 01:54

I actually have 75 Audi Fox (CIS fuel system, not carburetor). It was my primary car for approximately 23 years!...Though I've had 3 engines in it now. Haven't used it as a primary car for about 3 years now. --Have trouble getting into reverse now (same transmission all these years!). That's not to say no problems though. I've been stranded many times. One time my alternator fell down on the freeway (the bolt sheared off and down it went--enough for me to loose power). Many parts replaced, but then it has been 30 years.

I don't see these in the junk yards either any more. I think I'm the only person that still has one. I can't even believe I found this site...

30th Nov 2022, 14:16

Back in 1975 my mom got a blue base-model Fox with automatic. She bought it because her previous car, a '74 Chevy Vega, was the great mother of all lemons which kept breaking down and refusing to start in the mornings (that Vega aluminum engine wouldn't tolerate emissions controls esp. EGR, and stumbled and stalled in protest, in addition to getting only 16 mpg and always running hot). The Fox, in contrast, ALWAYS started on the first try, usually within half a second of cranking, in the coldest weather, NEVER got vapor lock, rode better than the Vega by far, handled better, was roomier, more comfortable, MUCH better seats and REAL LEG ROOM FOR ADULTS in the back! Got twice the gas mileage, accelerated WAY better, no emissions control drivability issues whatsoever (no stumbling/surging/stalling). That was a major accomplishment for those times.

I drove the car now and then, and aside from not having power steering (really built up my pecs arm arm muscles on that car!) it was a pleasant and fun car to drive. There WAS a fly in the ointment, something about the seals in the engine went bad and within 5 years the engine was shot, burnt a quart of oil every 200 miles. This was before 40k miles! So my mom reluctantly traded it in on a Toyota. We ran into the Audi at a local swap meet a year later, the new owner paid (her) purchase price of the car again just to have a new engine put in. But it never gave her any other problems. Ah, this was all 42 years ago, brings back memories. :)

1976 Audi Fox from North America


Superiority of German Engineering? NICHT!


Electrical problems (numerous)

Chassis & body problems (everything broke; crappy paint)

Fuel injector problems (impossible to keep maintained.

General Comments:

I have owned many cars in my lifetime (I'm now 52) but this... this Audi Fox.. has to be the Worst of the Worst of the Worst...i.e., this was the worst car I have ever owned! (Yes, even less reliable than the battered ol' Hillman Minx I drove in high school.)

And, the most expensive car I have ever owned (even though it was given to me!). Beats me how such a tiny little car could cost so much per pound.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2002

5th Apr 2004, 07:51

What do you expect from an old car?

If you took the "lower class" car from any other company in the 70's it would have the same problems, if not more.

8th Oct 2005, 17:08

'75 Fox was absolutely the worst car I have ever had. When everything worked, it was great. Problem was, something was always going wrong. Electrical problems can't be counted. Classic example was the electric cooling fan seizing up on I-95, shorting out the wiring harness, causing great black smoke through the a/c outlets. Towed vehicle to dealer where they discovered - duh - there was no replacement wiring harness for '75 Fox made by Audi. Dealer juryrigged a concraption to replace. Collected the insurance, bought a plastic Jesus to put on dash for protection, and quickly traded it in for what proved to be a more reliable vehicle. Wouldn't have been much worse off if I had bought a Yugo; at least with a 6 volt electrical system the smoke wouldn't be as dense. Have another story about Midas replacing the muffler & the battery installed in trunk, with plastic vent tube located next to catalytic converter (which for some reason got hot whenever car was driven) - but that's another post.

1978 Audi Fox fuel injected from North America


Fantastic car! Very well built. Handled like a dream, and ran forever with no problems


Headliner came untucked along the top of the rear window.

Nothing else went bad.

General Comments:

Build incredibly tight.

Handled like a dream. Tracked down highways like flying in a plane.

Engine sounded great when winding it out.

Interior very comfortable.

Never any mechanical problems of any sort.

Just changed oil every 2500 miles or so, and it ran like a champ.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2002