10th Apr 2004, 01:10

Hi, I have just got into the RS2 game and as much as I love the car, parts do seem to be expensive!

I have two questions -

1.) Brakes & brake pads - I have the cross drilled discs and need new pads, where should I buy new pads or discs?

2.) Tyres - I currently have the original 245 -17 dunlops, are the latest technology 225's better or worse?

Any advice from seasoned RS2 buffs will be greatly appreciated!

3rd Nov 2004, 13:03

Question on wheels and tyres - for anyone who can help -

I bought my RS2 with 17' gotti wheels and standard Goodyear f1 tyres (245)

For some reason the rear wheels and tyres stick out from the wheel arches by about 15mm.

Hence every time the car goes over a bump the tyres rub on the arches.

Short of taking using a tape measure does any one have any ideas?

Another option could be to buy some standard RS2 wheels - where can I get these from?

Thanks for any help.


3rd Feb 2005, 10:48

I had my RS2 Sept'04 after selling my Subaru WRX STI and I think that was one of the best decisions I had in my life about my cars.

She's fully modified by MTM. I got 465HP / 6600rpm with 95 oct fuel. It's amazing. Now we have 98 oct fuel in Istanbul, but not tested it yet. I can reach up to 0-100 km/hr. best score (4,1 sec.) worst score (4,7 sec.). It's 1995 model, but first registered in 12/97 for traffic.It2s read 60,000 miles (84,000km) in mileage, but it's modified when she's in 55K miles. I still try to know the car better. But, I'm very confused with the tires. I have 245/40/17 pilot F1's and they're not performing well. I want to change the original 17's to 18's. Which tire should I select? Any advice?

Thanks in advance.


8th Mar 2005, 06:16

I have a beautiful negogaro blue RS2, which when I bought the car was a dream fulfilled. Due to new business venture the dream has to end, but I would like to check the cars bhp as a potential buyer felt that the performance was down. I have not found this as it still seems pretty quick to me, but as this is the first one I have ever had I have nothing to compare to. I have been advised that a rolling road four wheel drive is the answer, but where can a non car person fined one.

20th May 2006, 01:41


Having just bought myself a RS2, it is comforting to read all the enthusiastic articles about this icon of a motorcar. I`m still waiting for the car to be delivered. My car is a 95 black/black with only 90.000 KS on the meter. My alternatives were RS4, a Subaru WRX or a BMW M5 estate. Most likely, the RS2 is the wisest choice considering its uniqueness and its coming status as a classic. A good example will hold its price well. I just love the RS2 and am as excited as a baby to have my car delivered!

25th Jun 2006, 17:20

Have a 1995 RS2, original German, in Nogaro blue, with Alcantara seats, steel slide-roof, Tempo-mat, etc. so "full-options". But otherwise completely standard. No 322 big-brake upgrade, no chip nor larger turbo. The fuel consumption of the car is excessive, but offers a lot of fun/power/comfort. The standard power is getting "common" pretty fast, so a chip tuning might be a good option. The suspension is really designed to be comfortable, but lacks "bite" and sometimes feels like an older Porsche 911, with the nose "diving" in corners. A bit less comfortable / stiffer suspension would be nice. Also steering doesn't give any response/feedback from the road and, even though there's lots of power, you still feel it's a 1595kg car. So don't expect a fast, responsive sportscar, but a fast, "Autobahn cruiser" with lots of overtaking torque. Car is becoming an icon, especially since the later RS4 and RS6 are much more civilised/less raw. And they're made by Quattro GmbH and not tuned by Porsche! Very difficult to find an honest car; Most of them not true mileage, or accident-free. Check the (complete!) maintenance-book. Positive thing about the German car ownership registration, is that you can always see how many previous owner the car has had. Some parts are difficult to find, as the parts manual (ETKA) is not always accurate on RS2 parts (which makes them difficult to find for the parts dealer).

Other than this, it's a blast to drive and VERY little people recognize the car's background...!

5th Jul 2006, 06:16

Hi there, I own a 1995 rs2 in blue, I am the third owner, it had 140,000 kms on the clock when I bought it.

I have re done the brakes and clutch-carbon kevlar.

At around $ 3,500 us its not a cheap car to service, but it is one hell of a car.

I have owned it for a year and don't think that I could part with it, maybe if I win lotto I'd add a Porsche 911 turbo...

Lars Nilsson New Zealand.

28th Sep 2006, 05:33

Hi! I own an Audi RS2 since 1995. I bought it used with 24000k on it. It has now 147000k.

I was very happy with it till I got into some problems with turbo-compression : no power from time to time. But it seemed that when I could "hook up" with the turbo, the car would run fine. It happened around 80000K.

I took it to my regular Audi dealer & services in Paris. They kept telling me they had fixed the Pb and that it was OK. It was not OK by me. After I spent a large sum of money with this outfit with no results, I decided to move to the local Audi dealer & service station. They discovered that a punctured air hose was the cause of the trouble! They fixed it and the car was running fine till it started to exhaust blue smoke. Tests showed bad compression in two cylinders. I had the engine rebuilt at the cost of €4300. And my turbo power is once again gone. The service cannot find the trouble. Can somebody help me out on this?

19th Dec 2006, 17:38

Dear fellow RS2 drivers.

I would like to purchase a rear tailgate spoiler for my RS2.

I have seen them on many photos, but have been unable to find one.

Can anyone help me track one down?

Kind regards


29th Dec 2006, 15:09

Hello, you can buy it on eBay.de.


15th Apr 2008, 11:19

Hi there! Re lost power in last case, I have an answer. If your turbo system is OK, then it is electricty problem.

I wonder how its called in English but you will understand me. You know that rubber things which are plunged into sparks - as you dismount "porsche" cover. So you should replace the electric peaces to which those rubbers are mounted. Opposite to sparks! :) ) You should replace all 5 peaces. They cost about 170$ each.

25th Jul 2008, 17:02

I am a proud new owner of an MTM tuned RS2. I recently had a problem with "loss of power", but after changing just about everything, I found that small portions of the wires to the 2 of the coils were naked, and were shorting against the engine rocker cover. And that solved the whole problem! So please check them out.

5th May 2009, 23:04

I'm moving to Germany from Oklahoma. I'm bringing an Audi coupe with me. I need a RS2 donor car to strip the parts into the coupe. I would love to buy an RS2 out-right to bring back to the states but can't get it thru customs legally. My employer will not ship back a non-US car. When the coupe is shipped from the states and the V.I.N. is checked the same V.I.N. must return. There should be a few examples of this car wrecked that have many use-able performance parts that can be refurbished. Also a car with a major defect would work; Side swiped, blown engine, track abuse.

11th Apr 2015, 03:18

Stab in the dark here, this post being over 10 years old, but I want to get some 8" wide wheels for my RS2. Do you know what the ET offset is on your wheels?