2005 Audi TT 225 HP Quattro 1.8T from North America


A nice 2 door coupe


I had a rattle or clicking sound from the rear brakes. The dealer replaced a brake caliper spring and installed new pads on warranty.

I have had another rattle from the rear hatch; the dealer realigned the hatch under warranty.

General Comments:

This car is very easy to drive, it is reasonably quick, but does suffer from a noticeable turbo lag. You must keep the RPM over 3,000 to keep the turbo on the boil. The Quattro All Wheel Drive system is not the same technology as other Audi cars. The AWD in the TT is the Volvo Haldex system that requires the front wheels to slip prior to engaging the rear wheels. As a result, it tends to drive and under steer like a typical front wheel drive car.

A car at this price should have power seats, the manual seat adjustments is the strange VW system that requires you to lift your weight off the seat to change the seat height. Not easy to do while driving. There is a good amount of interior room, including head room, but the low windscreen causes you to lean forward to see upward traffic lights.

The Bose stereo option sounds great, but I really enjoy listening to the exhaust noise. Good thing, as the exhaust is quite loud inside the car.

Overall, the TT is a nice GT car that will fit children in the rear seat or give you lots of room in the hatch area with the rear seats folded. There is absolutely no storage in this car. The glove box is tiny, and there is no place to keep small personal items or CDs.

Very good on fuel on the highway in 6th gear. Average 6.5 liters per 100kms. Not bad around town at 11-12 Litres per 100 kms.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2006

10th Apr 2007, 02:33

Audi TT is indeed a powerful yet elegant car, even as a stock. My cousin owns one of the Audi's products, the TT. Well, he took the car for a spin and was amazed at what this car can do. But, as time went by, he tried to modify its engine. The way I remember it, he first changed its cold air intake. He even told me that the item was purchased on-line. Just go to http://www.coldairintakedirect.com/makes/audi.html to access the website.

Going back to the topic, my cousin Louie is now customizing his ride. I even try to help sometimes. After full customization, his ride now goes for a whopping 800HP. Now that's fast. On behalf of my cousin Louie, I would like to thank Audi for creating this product. Because of you guys, Louie has obtained his dream car.

From a highly satisfied and soon to be customer,

Logan Taft