31st Jul 2008, 20:15

A valid comment from above, having bought the car with 95000 miles already on the clock I question the integrity of your subsequent faults. It is always important to buy a lower mileage car, turbo's are fragile, expensive technology, they work under high pressure, what did you think was going to happen after 95 K miles.

1st Oct 2008, 00:32

I agree. I don't own an Audi or would never touch one, but I do work in an Audi/VW dealership, and I think that they drive OK, but if you want to save money, buy a Honda or Toyota.

I have had an Integra GSR; would redline it every day, and never had a single problem with it, and have 220k miles. No VW/Audi could ever do that.

Buy an S2000 if you want a sports car.

2nd Oct 2008, 06:53

When you purchase any vehicle with nearly 100,000 miles on the odometer - you are rolling the dice.

When you purchase a high-performance vehicle equipped with a turbocharged four cylinder engine, which happens to have nearly 100,000 miles on it, you are taking an even bigger risk.

You might not have a lot of issues, but chances are you'll have some. Especially if the vehicle was driven hard or not properly maintained.

Too many people buy vehicles like this and think you can service them (or not service them) as if they had an old 225 slant six under the hood. These high-performance turbo-engines need to be serviced regularly, and you should always run a high quality synthetic oil in them, given their high operating temperatures.

I'm not saying that VW/Audi products do not have their problems, but given the fact that this one had 95,000 miles on it when you bought it, probably had something to do with the issues it had.

12th Oct 2008, 18:03

Compared to other premium brands, Audi does an excellent of declaring themselves a caring car company that listens to customers and provides "technically perfect" cars. This is a lot of BS. They do not listen and hide behind guarantees and lawyers. If they spent more money on engineering quality rather than lawyers perhaps all the class action law suits would have never happen. Toyota made a mistake on Tundras' chassis. Each damaged truck is being purchased back at higher than blue book and each owner is given a nice discount on the next Toyota. Audi does not look back and does not improve parts. Case in point is the timing belt. Known for problems since late 80's, and subject of a class action suit for a different model this timing belt became an issue on TT. Separate lawsuit. Is this a quality car company? Hardly. DO NOT BUY AUDI CARS!