1984 Bedford CF250 Facelift Autosleeper Campus 2.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Brilliant fun, simple to maintain, and a home from home!


- Starter motor needed replacing.

- Oil filter rusted through, although it probably should have been replaced years earlier!

- The radiator fins rusted through and sprung a leak. The problem is that you can't get spare ones very easily, although getting it re-cored was fairly inexpensive.

- Brake pipes corroded.

- Body work needs an eye kept on it.

To be honest, most of the problems are just down to age - it's a 27 year old vehicle that spends most of the year sat in a field.

General Comments:

Brilliant fun! One of my favourite things is setting off on a new adventure with our caravanette. We live in Margate, but we've toured Scotland in it 3 times, with a round trip each time of a couple of thousand miles, and it never missed a beat, as well as trips to Sussex and Norfolk.

It's very comfortable to drive, and you feel like the king of the road when you're sat so high up!

The only downside would be the fuel economy, as we're getting about 22 to the gallon if we take things very easy and there isn't a head on wind! An upgrade to LPG would be the next step.

Other than that, it's just trying not to accidentally select reverse instead of first if you haven't driven it for a while!

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Review Date: 16th May, 2011