1994 Bentley Continental R 6.75 turbo from UK and Ireland


If I lost it, I would have to buy another


Very minor leak from one of the twin pumps that power the brakes. Acording to the dealer, the engine must be lowered to fix this. Later, the engine mountings were replaced.

Very minor leak from the power steering rack. Rack replaced by the dealer (discounted part, free labour).

Slight noise from the front discs. All pads and front discs replaced.

Steering pulled to the left after hitting the curb at 60 mph. Misdiagnosed by the first dealer (adjusted tracking). Second dealer noticed and replaced near side broken rubber steering stabilizer. Fixed the problem.

General Comments:

Fantasic driving experience. 0-60mph in 6 secs in a car as big, as quiet and as smooth as this can only be highly enjoyable.

The brakes are truly excellent too - dual calipers on both front wheels and the best ABS going. You need them. The quietness is deceptive, you're often going a lot faster than you think and you have to hit the brakes very hard.

The hi fi system in the Continental R is fantastic. It seems better than the QUAD ELS63s at home. In fact I often drive the car just to listen to the music.

If you've ever wondered how much fuel these things use - don't worry about it, you're missing the point. The depreciation and service costs are far higher.

I rarely use mine - for every day driving (and parking) there are more suitable cars. However, whenever it's at the dealer (and services often take two or more days) I feel bereaved.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2000

24th May 2006, 17:30

I still have this car after another 6 years! I rarely drive it. It really is not a practical car for day to day use. I have fixed all the problems with it and I would not like to part with it. Costs are high - it goes through rear tyres in well under 10,000 miles. Probably £700 a pair. Must the the 380 BHP. The Continental T (which I would like) must be worse!

The main dealers take me to the cleaners at every service. They know I know that £750 is stupid for an oil change - but they charge it nevertheless. It is simply a unique car - when you are behind the wheel there is just not another car the same. I've had BMWs and I have an S class Mercedes; it is far more practical, but the driver experience doesn't begin to compare.

26th May 2006, 17:38

I'm very interested in purchasing a 1994 Continental with 73,000 miles. It has a leak under the right front brake and some cracking paint on the right rear. Other than that, it's in very good overall condition. Anything else to look at? Thank you!!

27th May 2006, 11:23

You must get a real expert to examine and appraise a car like this. The Rolls Royce Enthusiasts club www.rrec.org.uk can provide the expert. It is well worth joining. They have a good newsletter and great facilities at the club house.

Good luck, but don't buy unless you have the money. These are not cheap cars.