2012 BMW 1 Series 118i Sport 1.6 TwinTurbo from Hong Kong


New = Lemon, Old = Gem


1. Air-conditioning malfunction at 3000 km (I turn off, it turns on itself).

2. Rear suspension started squeaking at 8000 km.

3. Engine revs unstable during 5000 km.

4. Total break down of the vehicle at 9510 km. Unable to start, in the middle of the road waiting for the tow truck (luckily it's still under the two year warranty).

General Comments:

I'm a young working individual, hoping to trust my intuition in buying a brand new entry level BMW. The shape of the new 118i F20 Sport is sleek, with a nice body line, and it's the perfect size for Hong Kong roads.

Rear seats are better than the previous 3 Series + 1 Series.

For the size, RWD, and the twin turbo engine, you will be surprised with this little rocket. Never fails performance wise. Very suitable for city dwellers, from 1000 RPM - 4500 RPM, the car has the required torque. In the city we usually do around 1000-4500 RPM.

The window controls need to be shifted forward a little; every time a wrist twist is required to lower the window, I will soon have carpal tunnel syndrome!!

Leg room is a little weird for the front passenger. A knee bend of 70 degrees is not possible, it has to be extended to 20 degrees for the passenger to feel comfortable. For an hour trip towards town, this is causing me numbness in both legs, due to compression of the Sciatic nerve, with my thighs against the seats with a 20 degree leg extension.

This car is definitely not for 5 people. The middle seat is jammed; I would say 4 adults is good.

I truly believe BMW brings quality, innovation, and reliability. I have had friends who drive 1996 3 Series, with no issues at all. I believe I am the unlucky one. Sometimes it's down to pure luck.

Put it this way, during my high school years I have driven a 1985 Ford Fiesta, 1987 Honda Prelude, 1992 Honda Civic, 1992 Toyota MR2, and have never had issues similar to what the BMW 118i has.

During my first year of work (2011), I have had the pleasure of owning a 2001 VW 2.8 4motion. Now that was a joy to have, without presenting me with the above issues.

"Am I disappointed"? I am sure disappointed, my first brand new vehicle. It's not that I couldn't afford a 3 Series or a 5 Series. I would like to try the entry level before moving forward. Hong Kong tax is high; for the price we pay, we expect more from the car.

For those who are thinking of a 118i Sport, think twice.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2013

19th Jun 2013, 06:17

I got a ring back from the dealers; the car was suffering from a fuel pump malfunction. Similar to the 335i BMW, which suffers from the high pressure pump malfunction.