7th Aug 2006, 21:16

Hello again!

I originated this review and must state that not all sports/sporty hatch models have a ride quality as unyielding as a 1 series - try the latest Golf GTi, for instance.

My qualms with the 120d I had were the numerous quality issues expeienced, rather than the driving characteristics.

I may have been unlucky, but coupled with indifferent dealer service, it was just too much to take.

I just hope that you never experience all that I did during your tenure with yours.

21st Aug 2006, 15:19

My 1 series was new at Christmas 2004. It is now coming up to 70,000miles and has only been to the dealer once apart from its routine servicing. This fault occurred in Europe and BMW assistance were brilliant and the fault was cured promptly. It goes to the dealer at 8.30 am and I get it back around 10, washed and vacuumed out. It has been available to use every day I've wanted it and is still fun to drive. I'd definitely have another.

6th May 2007, 13:45

I have read with great interest the above comments made by owners/drivers of the BMW 1 Series.

I am an ex Police driver, & currently an ADI. I recently part exchanged my Golf TDI for the BMW 1 Series. The golf was very overrated; rough clutch & a tendency to stall at any time in traffic.

I find the 1 Series a dream at any traffic speed, with smooth power to the legal limit (possibly beyond). It's not that big inside; would have bought a 3 Series if necessary.

My car was 1st reg Sept 06 by BMW as a staff car. Purchased April 07 with 1056 miles. It's the 120d Sport, loaded with uprated alloys + some more toys.

In the last 1000 miles, the car has averaged 45 MPG. I insure it all risks, 2 drivers for £245.00 a year.

I think the running costs are well matched to the rep mobile market. As for the garage (main dealer) - they have rung me three times to make sure everything is fine so far. Cannot fault the vehicle or the dealers.

15th Jun 2009, 12:10

To the person who wrote the last comment - I can't agree with you more!!! I have a 1 series and bought the car because I was amazed by the drive it had and the performance - NOT BECAUSE IT WAS A BMW. The 120d is a nifty car with high amounts of torque when you need it. Love the car and still amazed at performance for a diesel 2 litre engine. OK it doesn't have a engine coolant temperature gauge - I'm sure BMW are confident enough that their sensors will pick it up had there been a loss of fluids.

20th Jul 2009, 20:33

The original review and comments were made about the E87 model. BMW responded to criticism and that is why they launched the E82 coupes in 2008. There is no comparison between the E87 (heavily criticised) and the E82 (widely acclaimed by motoring journalists). I bought a 125 coupe E82 and am constantly impressed with the drive, quality and detail. BMW listen to justified criticism and delivered an impressive response.

6th Nov 2009, 06:11

Hello everyone.

To all BMW 1 series owners, do you mind specifying some of the typical breakdowns that your 1 series suffered?

I mean, I just love the BMW 120 and I'm planning to buy it soon, but I keep hearing that it just breaks down very often. If that's the case, then I would prefer to buy a reliable VW Golf.

Please help me make my decision.

Bassam Elmortada.

28th May 2010, 08:43

I gave my brother a 120D Sport as a gift when he recovered from a life threatening illness. The car had only 9,000 from new, but the cloth interior was shabby and rubber covering on the steering wheel centre was peeling.

It now has 20,000 on the clock, and has had a new fuel injector, new traction control unit. The worn edge on the driving seat and the scabby steering wheel centre spoil what is a brilliant driving machine. It is bumpy on B roads, but it is a hatchback. If you want a sedate comfortable ride, buy a second hand three series SE (not sport).

The cloth interior stains easily, even with raindrops from an open door. This car in leather is a boy racer's dream, but it is too expensive for what it is. I should have bought him a 320D saloon. The leather drivers seat on my new 330D needed replacing after only 3000 miles, so upholstery and water based paint are not BMW strong points. They also need to include lumbar support as standard on all front (even sports) seats as they can be back breakers.

Why do I buy them... best diesel engines in the world.