2017 BMW 2 Series 225 XE 1.5 turbo hybrid from Norway


Very nice driver, but reliability and build quality could be better


Had problem with slow starting in the winter at -15 deg C. Petrol engine would not start. Only the electric engine. Displayed check engine. Petrol engine would then suddenly start after running for a couple of minutes.

Transmission went into limp mode, probably due to the engine running rough/uneven and the car was finally towed to a dealer that did a reprogramming. Had an error code on the fuel injection. After this the car has been reliable.

In the winter rotation sensors sometime don't work, disabling all security systems (ABS, traction control, stability control, auto braking/warning) and rear wheel drive that is dependent on rotation readings. After stopping and starting the car again, the rotation sensors suddenly work fine.

Boot lid squeaked due to poor alignment that I fixed myself by adjusting some plastic/rubber knobs.

In the winter when it's cold there is a lot of squeaking in the interior and the front doors; disappears when warm.

General Comments:

Fast with 224 hp and generally good in the snow due to 4WD, although it's not permanent.

Good balance between road holding and comfort. Size is somewhat larger than a Golf/Focus, although the battery/rear electric engine makes the boot smaller. The car is reasonably well sound insulated, even on run flat tires that are much harder than regular tires. Will replace with regular tires when these get worn.

The programmable electric pre-heater is very nice in the winter where it draws current from the battery to the heater when parked.

Unfortunately the build quality doesn't seem very high. Don't know if this is a keeper. When there are problems like this on a near new car, what happens after 4-5-6 years?

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 24th August, 2018

26th Aug 2018, 02:13

Great, fair-minded review!

What would you replace the BMW with, if you were to do so in the near future?

31st Aug 2018, 07:25

Actually I don't know. This car is reasonably priced in Norway due to it being an "eco" car because it's a plugin hybrid.

So it's "only" about 45' Euro, which is basically the same price as in major markets like Germany.

Car taxes are high in Norway, so 45' Euro actually doesn't buy that much car hardware.

I've considered the Subaru Impreza, 2.0 non-turbo Lineartronic AWD, fully optioned, leather interior etc, and that is actually over 40' Euro due to taxes, i.e. almost the same money as the 225 XE.

The Subaru is probably a much more reliable and durable car than the BMW, but much slower, more noisy and less of a drivers car.

Also deprecation on near new cars are crazy; my 225 XE is just over 18 months old and has probably deprecated over 10' Euro in that time frame.

So I'll keep it for now, probably. I'll see when the winter is over and make a decision next spring.