1981 BMW 3 Series 1.8 from North America


I love it, best car I've ever had


Always fixing new oil leaks.

Four way flasher button is held in with a safety pin.

Speedometer is 5 mph off.

Each valve is timed differently.

Fouls spark plugs every month.

It leaks SOMEWHERE that makes the glove box fill with water when it rains.

New starter.

New alternator.

Transmission got messed up, because the last owner put 90 weight in instead of trans fluid, and then ignored the god awful sound the bearings made when under a load.

I changed the timing chain, guide and gears.

New head gasket at about 260k.

New clutch at 130 and 245k.

So many new tires from all the burnouts.

Stereo system was replaced.

And the driver's door was misaligned, so I got suicide door conversation kits off the Internet (really cool).

Gas filter and other tune up stuff all the time.

General Comments:

It's rear wheel drive, so you can pitch the car sideways around turns with just a little throttle.

Handles great around turns, but with no down force, it gets shaky at about 115 mph.

It looks cool as hell, but the back seems a little fat to me.

It's black with red details (customized it myself for my girlfriend), and now it is such a girl's car, and she can't drive worth a damn.

I won't say where, but I know a wrecking yard in Oregon that has a ton of parts, and I pulled a tranny for 90$!

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Review Date: 21st September, 2007

1981 BMW 3 Series 320 i !1.8 liter from North America


In their day, they were the best in class


Turn signals muffler.

General Comments:

These cars are a favorite of mine-they are getting really hard to find now. mine was 1 owner & garaged until '97.If it wasn't garaged it would have big holes in the fenders, doors, quarters, & everwhere else. This is my fourth E21 3 series.

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Review Date: 30th September, 2005

1981 BMW 3 Series 320I 2.0 Bored from a 1.8 block from North America


Very Fast, Clean and Reliable


New engine gasket.

New tires.

New fan belt.

New drive shaft.

New heater motor.

New clutch.

Seat belts don't retract properly.

Leakes a lot of oil, I fill my oil when I fill up my car with fuel.

Sunroof opening and closing handle.

4-way flasher button.

Timing on the valves.

New exhaust pipe X2.

Silver paint and clear coat are peeling off.

Rust on the bottom of the door.

Ruse on the quarter panels and rocker panels.

Rust on bumpers.

Rust on rims.

Rear driver side window leaks.

Sunroof leaks.

New air filter, oil filter.

New Positive Crack case Ventilation valve.

New Air mass boot (Airfilter to Engine intake)

New fuses.

New Relays.

Fusebox is wired badly, causes many shorts.

Fuel pump.

Odometer broken.

General Comments:

The car is a nice car for racing. I took her on the 1/4 mile and got her a 17.7, she handles well and very easy to fix. Most of my problems came from the car being harshly driven from the previous owner. I have put over $1000 dollars into her. And for 4 months, she has being driving perfect. My only complaint on the car is, the car is rear wheel drive, and there is no weight on the back, so it likes to slip and slide when throttled. Very fast car, 181km/h. Great for a begining car if you can find a decent car. After 26 years, stock interior is still in good condition, and most engine parts are still good.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2005

1981 BMW 3 Series 320 2l 6cyl 4 barrel carb from Argentina


Would you buy a Ford Ka or a Punto instead???? A TRUE CAR


I bought the car some months ago and had to replace brake pads, and one trailing arm. Parts can be expensive, but if the car is in good shape, you don't have to replace many.

A/C works great at night, during the day is not enough. Transmission makes some annoying 'noises'.

General Comments:

I love it. It's old but makes you feel great when you are behind the wheel. I will only replace it for a newer one, and hopefully I won't need to sell it to buy a newer one.

Next one: 325is E36! (328 and M3 absolutely out of my budget).

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Review Date: 10th May, 2000

21st Sep 2007, 01:46

To fix the trans noises you gotta get a 17 millimeter allen wrench take the fill plug out and PUT IN FLUID!!!